Watch – Michigan Protester: ‘I Just Applied for Unemployment for the First Time in My Life’

A Michigan man attending the vehicle protest in Lansing told Breitbart News that he was laid off as a result of the economic shutdown spurred by the coronavirus pandemic and stated that he had to file for unemployment for the first time in his life as a result.

Frustrated residents flocked to Michigan’s capital on Wednesday to voice their opposition to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) stringent stay-at-home orders, which many say directly violates their liberty.

“I work for an auto supply manufacturer,” the man said as he held a yellow sign reading “I want to work.”

“We all got laid off and we could either take vacation or take lay off, and we’re a single-income family,” he said, explaining that he took all of his vacation time to help bridge the gap.

“I’m out of vacation, and I just applied for unemployment for the first tine in my life. I’m 33,” he said, noting that the hit is costing them family trips and future renovations to their home.

“Life is kind of sad after this,” he said, finding himself in the same dire position as the millions of Americans who have filed for unemployment in recent weeks.

Despite the gloomy outlook, the man said he was “happy and pleased” by the demonstration’s turnout.

“I’m happy and pleased and hope she’s listening in there,” he said of Whitmer.

The protest comes as the governor imposes stringent state-at-home orders, even barring people from visiting their own neighbors or traveling to their own vacation homes within the state.


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