Kayleigh McEnany Scolds Media for Ignoring Michael Flynn Story: ‘Doesn’t that Trouble You As a Journalist?’

White House

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany scolded reporters on Friday at the White House for failing to cover the story of new developments in the case surrounding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

“There is a case of injustice that is yet to be brought up today. I would certainly like to bring it up,” she said. “That is the case of Michael Flynn. What we have learned from that should scare every American citizen.”

New documents revealed this week showed FBI agent notes about trying to trick former National Security Michael Flynn into a lie to get him fired.

McEnany was asked by reporters whether the president still believed that Michael Flynn lied to Vice President Mike Pence, which was why he was fired.

“I guess I would turn the question on you and just ask, does it trouble you that the FBI said that we got to get Flynn to lie?” she asked. “Doesn’t that trouble you as a journalist? And not only that, as an American citizen?”

McEnany pointed to Pence’s response to the news on Wednesday, telling the press that he felt that Flynn’s lie to him was “unintentional.”

She also encouraged the press to cover the story.

“I would encourage the media to cover it, because I’ve watched a lot of your networks, I’ve read a lot of your papers,” she said. “I’ve seen a whole lot of scant information about Michael Flynn when there was a whole lot of speculation about Russia Russia Russia, culminating in $40 million of taxpayer money being lost and the complete total exoneration of President Donald Trump.

White House


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