***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests Continue

George Floyd Protests Police Car Getty

George Floyd protests continue across America on Sunday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

1:30 AM: Arizona:

1:20 AM:

12:55 AM: Sacramento:


12:50 AM:

12:47 AM:

12:45 AM: Dale Murphy:


12:40 AM: California (Inland Empire):

12:35 AM:

12:30 AM:

11:59 PM:

11:55 PM:

11:52 PM: D.C.

11:50 PM: Texas:

11:40 PM: D.C.

11:35 PM: Terrible looting of market community depends on in Long Beach, CA:


11:15 PM:

11:10 PM:

11:05 PM:

10:59 PM:

10:50 PM:



10:35 PM:

10:25 PM: D.C.

10:20 PM:



9:40 PM: Boston:

9:35 PM: D.C.


9:25 PM: Nashville:

9:15 PM: L.A.: More protesters getting fed up with looters.


9:10 PM: Atlantic City:

9:07 PM: Chicago: Latin Kings, Two Six Gangs reportedly have had enough and are stopping looters in some neighborhoods.

9:05 PM: ATL:

8:59 PM: NYC:

8:55 PM: No Curfew in Oakland… for now…

8:45 PM: Trump Being Called a Coward:

8:25 PM: L.A.:


8:20 PM: Detroit:

8:10 PM: Trump was reportedly rushed to underground bunker.

8:07 PM:

8:05 PM: Minnesota:

8:00 PM: D.C.

7:57 PM: Female LAPD officer reportedly grazed possibly by suspects who have been shooting at officers…

7:55 PM: “You gotta get that crazy guy out of office, Biden.”

7:51 PM: CNN’s Zucker apparently thinks he can save New York…

7:50 PM: Iowa:

7:45 PM: Santa Monica:


7:36 PM:

7:30 PM: Minnesota:

7:25 PM: D.C.

7:20 PM: Former NBA player JR SMITH:

7:10 PM: Walmart employees across the country getting emails that stores are closing early tonight.

7:07 PM:

7:05 PM: Santa Monica: Audis last night. Mercedes today in California.

6:55 PM: Minnesota:

6:50 PM:

6:40 PM: ATL:

6:35 PM: California: Amazon van looted:

6:30 PM:

6:25 PM:

6:22 PM: Biden:

6:20 PM: Miami:

6:15 PM:



6:10 PM: Minnesota:

6 PM:








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