Austin, TX Rallies to Replace Homeless Man’s Belongings After Rioters Burned Them

Joseph Wayne Nicholas

Citizens of Austin, Texas, located and donated to a homeless man whose only belongings were destroyed by rioters on Friday.

In an incident captured on video on Friday, rioters dragged belongings of Joseph Wayne Nicholas into a bonfire, while he screamed, “No! No! No!” and tried to pull them out of the fire.

“I live here!” he screamed, as rioters cheered the burning of his things.

People who knew Nicholas expressed horror, and according to a video update, have donated money, a tent, a new air mattress, and clothes to Nicholas.

“Thank you, Austin, I love you!” Nicolas said in the video.

A local citizen, Ethan Mondelli, also set up a GoFundMe account and has raised nearly $10,000 for Nicholas.

“These funds are being used to help him get off the streets and out of the chaos that we have all seen in the video…The $5000 will be able to get him into housing and help him land a job where he can restart his life.”

“Joseph says he is very overwhelmed by the generosity of those that are helping, and he wants us to continue this fundraiser to help aid the rest of the homeless under I-35,” Mondell wrote on the GoFundMe page.


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