Protesters Harass Black Officers: ‘Nothing but House N***ers’

ShelbyTalcott/Twitter, Screenshot

Disgruntled protesters took to the streets of Washington, DC, Wednesday night where they harassed and belittled black officers who were on the scene to offer protection.

The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott was spread amongst the Black Lives Matter protesters and captured the incident involving the two D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officers on video.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said one individual, while another claimed they “ain’t nothing but house n***ers.”

During the video, the topic of masks is brought up and the protesters begin to yell at the officers for not using one. “Make sure you put some COVID in them motherf*ckers,” said a person in regards to masks to be given to the officers.

“They already got it, bro,” responded another unidentified individual. “They don’t have masks on.”

One protester in the video suggests that the officers find another job, questioning them on how they would feel if their child were killed by a police officer. “You can make more money doing something else,” one guy said. “You can start a business.”

“Y’all stepped on a black brother for eight minutes. … The brother couldn’t even breathe,” said one man in regards to George Floyd.

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