1,374 Days Later, Hillary Clinton Complains to Town Interns About Sexism, Russians in 2016 Election

Zoom Discussion with Hillary Clinton

As President Trump was announcing a peace deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates, Hillary Clinton was lamenting the 2016 election to a group of town interns on Thursday.

Clinton sat with a group of young workers for the city of Greenburgh, New York, and demonstrated she still isn’t over the election that was held 1,374 days ago.

She was asked what the most challenging and rewarding parts were of running for president.

Clinton said it was a “great opportunity” to be “welcomed into the lives of so many of your fellow Americans and citizens.”

She said that was “always the most rewarding part of campaigning.”

As for the challenging aspect, Clinton said, “It’s a very tough environment. It’s truly become more and more difficult because all of the pressures and the stresses that you face on an hourly and daily basis.”

Hillary said social media has “amplified everything and revved it up to a greater degree of intensity.”

She also lamented “the stereotypes of being a woman in the public eye.”

“Running in 2016 against someone who was totally willing to say or do anything, who attacked people, insulted people, who wanted to be good entertainment and then was, sadly, helped by the Russians and other allies to plant lots of disinformation,” she said.

Clinton said she’s going to do everything she can to “protect” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from “those kinds of attacks going forward.”

She added she hopes “for an election as free as possible from (inaudible) and misinformation, from voter suppression, from the efforts to deny people their right to vote and have that vote counted.”

Clinton said she hoped the “hostile takeover of the post office” doesn’t “interfere” with the election.

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