Watch – BLM Protester to Hispanic Female Cop: The Joke Is ‘Your F**king Hispanic Ass Being in That F**king Uniform’

Black Lives Matter demonstrators were triggered by a Hispanic female cop during Wednesday night’s protests in Washington, DC, telling her that her “fucking Hispanic ass being in that fucking uniform” is a “joke.”

“When we say free all people, all people of color, we’re including your fucking ass too,” protesters told the cop, asking her “what’s so funny.”

“You know what’s funny? You know what the joke is? Your fucking Hispanic ass being in that fucking uniform,” she added.

Demonstrators continued to yell at the officer, who did not verbally respond to their verbal assault.

She was not the only minority cop to experience the wrath of protesters. Other demonstrators took aim at black cops, specifically, verbally harassing them and repeatedly calling them derogatory names.

“Look at his lazy eye. Left eye lazy as hell,” a protester said to a black cop, unleashing a string of belittling remarks.

“One of these real n*****s took it to your head, didn’t they? One of these real n*****s out here took it to you, didn’t they?” he said, taunting the officer. “Knocked that left eye sideways, didn’t they? Fucked you the fuck up.”

“You got bullied in school and wanted to become a police officer. Didn’t you? You wanted to get back at everybody in the hood. Wanted to get back at everybody. Wanted to feel like a man. Wanted to feel like you had a big dick, because all the girls turned you down because your shit was so fucking small,” he said as he continued in his tirade:

Matt Perdie

Another protester, speaking to a group of officers, stated that they “need to start being killed like y’all kill us”:

Matt Perdie

This is far from the first time protesters have targeted minority cops. During a BLM protest in June, a demonstrator attempted to intimidate a female Asian cop, who stood her ground as the protester stood inches from her face:

Matt Perdie

In another scene from a D.C. protest in June, activists harassed a black female officer, telling her that her ancestors were “upset” with her:

Matt Perdie


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