Joe Biden: Trump ‘Trying to Do Away with All Health Care in America’

Joe Biden / YouTube

Joe Biden claimed President Donald Trump is “trying to do away with all health care in America” during a speech in Michigan Wednesday.

Biden regularly garbled words as he read them from a teleprompter at a General Motors plant in Warren.

He claimed the trade “diffi-deficit” is at an all-time high. Moments later, Biden trailed off while trying to say the phrase “pharmaceutical industry.” He attacked Big Pharma for raising prices on “prescription jugs.”

Then Biden claimed, without evidence, that the incumbent president is “trying to do away with all health care in America.”

During another part of the speech, Biden seemed to have trouble reading his prepared remarks:

He said Trump “makes his wild claims and hopes—he now hopes we don’t notice what he said, or won’t remember. And when he does follow through, or doesn’t do—when follow through, the exact opposite.”

Later in the speech, Biden needed three attempts to successfully pronounce the word “previously.”

Near the end of his address, he expressed his excitement to drive a non-gas-powered Corvette, but his wording was indecipherable, sounding like: “I can’t wait to get a zed behind that all-electric Corvette.”

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