Team Trump: Democrats Will Claim Election Victory as ‘Red Mirage’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gestures after arriving in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 2, 2020. - The US presidential campaign enters its final day Monday with a last-minute scramble for votes by Donald Trump and Joe Biden, drawing to a close an extraordinary race that has put a pandemic-stricken country …
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Campaign officials from President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign warned reporters and followers of a dishonest Democrat attempt to dismiss an Election Day victory for Republicans as a “red mirage.”

“Biden’s political operatives have already been distributing talking points and research to delegitimize Election Day results by coaching surrogates to refer to the President’s Election Day success as a ‘Red Mirage,’” Trump 2020 deputy campaign manager Justin Clark said in a statement to reporters.

The campaign warned that Democrats would create a “smokescreen” of misinformation about the Election Day victory, blaming postal delays or miscounted mail-in ballots if the early count showed a victory for Trump.

“None of this will be true, but it will be held up as proof that President Trump’s victory is a so-called ‘Red Mirage,’” Clark wrote. “No one should fall for it.”

Clark said that the campaign had already cut television ads to spread misinformation to the American people while they worked to undercut the president’s margins in key swing states.

“Americans should remember that Biden has assembled a massive team of lawyers who will try to loosen election integrity so they can steal this election,” he wrote.

The Trump campaign warned that Democrat lawyers would try to extend voting deadlines and counting illegitimate ballots to give former Vice President Joe Biden a lead.

“The last gasp of the Biden campaign will be ugly and it will be ruthless,” the campaign concluded.



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