‘Moms for Liberty’ Group Leader Receives Anonymous Envelope Containing Feces

Demonstration over School Guidelines
News 6

The leader of a new parental rights group in schools said she received an anonymous envelope containing feces last week.

Tina Descovich, founder of Moms for Liberty and a former Florida school board member, told Florida Today the envelope was sent from Pennsylvania and spelled her name “Decobitch.”

She posted a photo of the delivery on Facebook:

It’s past time for people to act like adults and discuss the hard issues we face. No name calling. No hate speech. And…

Posted by Tina Chwazik Descovich on Sunday, March 21, 2021

“I opened it and my first thought was who sent this, and that they were trying to send a message,” Descovich said.

“I may contact the police but I’m going to do my research first. Someone told me that there is a company in Pennsylvania that will send out (animal poop).”

News 6 reported the mailing came after Descovich and her group were part of a debate held by her former district, the Brevard County School District, to allow boys living as girls to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms:

The policies include provisions allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and play on sports teams in line with their gender identities. They also require staff not to disclose a student’s LGBTQ identity without the student’s consent.

Some demonstrators at the meeting screamed obscenities at people who came to speak in favor of the policies, including LGBTQ students. The display drew outrage from many in attendance and condemnation from Moms for Liberty leadership, who said the protestors were not affiliated with the parent advocacy group.

“I worry about the message that they are trying to send,” Descovich said of the feces sender.

“But it won’t work with me. We’re speaking up for children and we won’t be intimidated or harassed.”

In February, Descovich told The Kyle Olson Show Moms for Liberty intends to shift power in schools back towards parents.

“We feel like conservatives have neglected education for decades and that is why we are seeing the problems we’re seeing today in America,” she said.

“The one thing we’ve learned in our time on the school board is they don’t have any power and they don’t realize that until they have a problem,” she said.

Descovich argued it is a misconception that parents have power in the education system.

“The balance of power is so far off. The people in the community and the parents are supposed to be driving public education, yet the power right now is held by teachers unions, and we’re seeing that nationally under a bright light right now,” Descovich said.

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