Ted Cruz: Biden Administration Locking People with Coronavirus in Cages Side by Side

Minors in Facilities Test Positive for Covid

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the Biden administration on the southern border is locking foreign nationals with coronavirus in cages without the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended separation of six feet.

Cruz said the “Biden administration is taking people who are testing positive for COVID-19 and locking them in cages, side by side.” He went on:

We saw cages, after cages, after cages of little boys and little girls touching each other, covered with reflective emergency blankets. There was no six foot space. There was no three foot space. There wasn’t a three inch space between the children linked up one after another after another.

Cruz, along with 17 other senators, said they toured a facility in Donna, Texas, where they “also saw a group of children who just today tested positive with COVID-19.”

The facility, “Built for a complicity of 250, has nearly 4,000 people in it,” with the “facility alone report[ing] roughly ten percent of the individuals… testing positive for COVID-19. Rates dramatically higher than the US population.”

“This is inhuman. It is wrong. And it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden Administration to stop building the wall, to return to the catch and release, and to end the stay in Mexico policy,” Cruz summarized.

Cruz also said, “It is striking not one of these cameras,” pointing to the media present, “is allowed in the Donna facility.”

“We requested that media accompany us into the facility.” Cruz added, but “the Biden Administration said no.” He also provided context, relaying that Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W Bush, and Bill Clinton’s administration had allowed media present at similar facilities.

“But the Biden administration wants to hide what’s going on here,” Crux exclaimed.


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