Fact Check: Biden Touts “Jobs Jobs” Fighting Climate Change After Killing Countless Jobs

The White House / YouTube

CLAIM: President Joe Biden said during his address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday that fighting climate change will create jobs.

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE, as Biden’s executive orders to still the Keystone XL Pipeline cost thousands of Americans their jobs. Also, Biden has provided no solid evidence that those employed in the fossil fuel sector would have the same high-paying jobs in a energy landscape that favors alternative energy such as solar and wind.

Biden claimed in the speech that when he thinks of fighting climate change he thinks, “Jobs. Jobs.”

“For too long, we have failed to use the most important word when it comes to meeting the climate crisis,” Biden said. “Jobs. Jobs.”

“For me, when I think about climate change, I think jobs,” Biden said. “The American Jobs Plan will put engineers and construction workers to work building more energy efficient buildings and homes.”

“Electrical workers installing 500,000 charging stations along our highways,” Biden said. “Farmers planting cover crops, so they can reduce carbon dioxide in the air and get paid for doing it.”

As Breitbart News reported, shutting down the pipeline could lead to 11,000 workers who work directly on the project being laid off and an additional 60,000 indirect jobs taking a hit.

Breitbart News also reported that Biden’s move to end issuing oil drilling leases on federal land could result in the loss of one million American jobs.

Biden’s own Secretary of State admitted earlier this month that Biden’s energy policies would “hit hard” workers in the fossil fuel industry:

Secretary of State Tony Blinken delivered an address on climate change at the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland on Monday in which he admitted that some American workers “would be hit hard” by the Biden administration’s policies.

“Blinken said that the U.S. needed to lead the global fight against climate change, warning that if global surface temperatures continued to rise, in 80 years, the Chesapeake would extend further inland, destroying infrastructure and putting local plants and animals at risk, as well as the local fishing industry,” according to the report.

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