Reporters Wait Nearly Three Hours for Joe Biden’s 25 Minute Press Conference

US President Joe Biden speaks during a press conference after the NATO summit at the North

Reporters waited three hours for President Joe Biden before he appeared late to his press conference in Brussels on Monday.

“Thank you all so very much, sorry you’re all here so late,” Biden said as he left the podium after only answering questions from five reporters selected by his staff.

The entire press conference lasted about 25 minutes.

The press conference was scheduled for 1:15 PM EST, but Biden did not arrive until about 3:30 PM EST.

White House aides never explained why Biden was delayed and did not update reporters on his movements or timing for the press conference.

Biden appeared fatigued when he arrived, but said he had a productive day of meetings with world leaders at the NATO summit.

About 100 reporters were present in the large conference room for the press conference, but Biden did not call on anyone that was not on his pre-approved list.

When asked by CNN’s Jeff Zeleny to react to Russian President Vladimir Putin laughing at him for saying Putin was a killer, Biden replied, “I’m laughing too.”



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