Exclusive – Anthony Sabatini: Stephanie Murphy on January 6 ‘Crucifix Committee’ to Shame GOP

Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy addresses the crowd during a campaign rally in support for
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) was placed on the January 6 “Crucifix Committee to shame every Florida Republican as domestic terrorist,” candidate for U.S. Congress Anthony Sabatini said Thursday.

“Today, Stephanie Murphy was placed on the January 6 Crucifix Committee by Nancy Pelosi in order to shame every Florida Republican as a domestic terrorist,” Sabatini told Breitbart News.

“But fortunately, Pelosi’s servant, Murphy, will be so busy running down a rabbit trail that she will have no time to explain why she supports a democrat party that harbors marxists, antisemites and far-left lunatics who want to defund police,” Sabatini explained how the assignment could ultimately benefit the Republicans’ effort to retake the House in 2022.

“I will fight like hell to end the Crucifix Committee and expose it for being an un-American gestapo committee,” Sabatini continued, “which looks to hide the democrats’ failures of open-borders, high crime, low wages, and Saint Fauci’s funding of the Wuhan lab in Communist China.”

When Breitbart News asked Sabatini if he thinks Murphy will be personally responsible for everything all the other radical democrats on this panel do, Sabatini said he “already holds Murphy responsible for voting with Pelosi and the Democrats 99 percent of the time… and that includes attempting to impeach President Trump twice because the radical democrats have distain for Trump policies that benefit the American worker of raising wages”

Murphy’s assignment comes as Sabatini has so far raised a strong sum of $315,000 to defeat Murphy in 2022. Sabatini’s donations primarily include grass roots funding.

Meanwhile, Murphy has criticized Sabatini for being an “extremist Trump supporter” and the “worst Republican in the Florida House,” which he was originally dubbed by the Orlando Sentinel in 2020.

“Remember, Sabatini is the guy who described himself as ‘Florida’s MOST conservative #AmericaFirst patriot’ and tweeted that Dr. Anthony Fauci should spend his life in prison,” Murphy’s latest email blast said, ignoring her lockstep voting record with Pelosi.

Sabatini, a lawyer and national guardsmen, has one of the most conservative voting records in the Florida legislature, where he currently serves Central Floridians.


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