DeSantis: Biden Admin. Wants Kindergartners ‘Muzzled’ with Masks, But ‘They Don’t Give a Damn about COVID’ on Border

On Tuesday’s “Mark Levin Show,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stated that the Biden administration wants kindergartners “muzzled with a mask,” but when it comes to people crossing the border illegally, “they don’t give a damn about COVID at that point.”

DeSantis said, “I mean, if you’ve got a kid in kindergarten, they just said today they want the kid muzzled with a mask, even though COVID’s not any risk to the kid. If you have a loved one overseas, they may not let them come and fly, just normal travel. Because of COVID, they’ll claim. But yet, if you want to just come straight across that border and have thousands of people pouring in, they don’t give a damn about COVID at that point. They’re letting them right in.”

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