New York Times: Afghan Men Leave their Wives, Young Children in Afghanistan

DULLES, VIRGINIA - AUGUST 31: Refugees board a bus at Dulles International Airport that wi
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Many Afghan men left behind in Kabul, Afghanistan, their wives and young children, the New York Times reports.

Two men, specifically, profiled by the Times reveal that as they fled Afghanistan when the United States started withdrawing U.S. Armed Forces from the country, they left behind their wives and young children — often those most at risk from Taliban control.

The Times reports:

Gul joined the frenzy, jumping onto four commercial planes — all grounded by the mayhem — before forcing his way onto an American evacuation flight. Even when Americans turned off the air-conditioning and told everyone the plane was broken, no one budged. [Emphasis added]

Now, settling into life at Camp As Sayliyah, he said the snap decision to leave weighed on him. His wife and three children under the age of 6 remain in Kabul. [Emphasis added]

Mirwais, 31, arrived at the air base in Qatar after clambering onto an American evacuation flight last week. A former translator for U.S. forces and international organizations, he went into hiding when the Taliban entered Kabul and decided to leave after insurgents searching for him visited his mother’s home. [Emphasis added]

Like Gul, Mirwais has a wife and a 10-month-old child who remain in Afghanistan after he failed to get them on evacuation flights. Mirwais told the Times he has no passport and no paperwork with him.

There is no demographic data yet for Afghans who were and are being evacuated, many ending up in the United States, though photos from the first few days of U.S. evacuation flights show an overwhelming majority of those seeking to flee and boarding flights were men rather than women and children.

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