Nolte: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Plunges to New Low in NPR Poll

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His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s approval rating plunged to 42 percent in a poll conducted by far-left NPR.

His disapproval rating has jumped to 52 percent.

In a month, in this specific poll, Biden has lost four total points. Back in October, Biden sat at 44 percent approve, 50 percent disapprove. So he’s gone from being underwater by six points to ten points.

NPR, a left-wing, taxpayer-funded propaganda outlet that frequently spreads misinformation, writes, “Americans’ most pressing economic concern is inflation, and it’s contributing to a decline in how they view President Biden, according to a new NPR/Marist poll.”

“Biden’s approval is down to 42%, the lowest recorded in the survey since Biden took office. And a slim majority also say he hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises.”

This part of the poll is fascinating:

When voters were asked what their top economic concerns are, inflation took the top spot (39%), followed by wages (18%), labor shortages (11%) and housing costs, unemployment and gas prices (tied at 9%).

For Republicans and independents, inflation is their chief economic concern, while for Democrats, it’s wages.

Inflation is, by far, the biggest concern in the country right now, and it’s not hard to see why. First off, it’s everywhere. We see it in gas prices, our energy bills, and at the grocery store.

Americans can deal with price increases, which are a fact of life. This is different. The cost of the very basics of life — food and energy — are not inching up; they are exploding in a way that not only affects the bottom line of the working and middle class, it gives us all a sense that something is wrong, terribly wrong.

The economy is not supposed to work this way.

We saw the same just before the 2008 economic crash. The explosion in gas prices that pre-dated that crash was, to say the least, unnerving. Were they connected? I have no idea. But there was undoubtedly something in the air, and in America, nothing should be in the air. Besides housing, energy, and food, one of the key ingredients in our quality of life is stability.

Stability is everything. Without it, we can’t plan for our futures. How can you plan ahead if you don’t know what the future will look like?

The current lack of stability in our country is, by far, Biden’s biggest problem and failure—and along with an open border, vaccine fascism, and Biden’s failing mental state, inflation is the cause of that.

No, actually, Joe Biden is the cause of instability. He’s the problem. He’s the wrecker wrecking our economy.

Our lack of stability is caused by inflation. An overheated economy causes inflation. The overheated economy is driven by too much government spending. Nevertheless, Joe Biden continues to push and push and push for more trillion-dollar spending bills.

On the economy, Biden is underwater ten points, with only 42 percent approving of the job he’s doing, while a majority of 52 percent disapprove.

A majority of Independents (51 percent) disapprove of Biden on the economy.

In the generic congressional poll, NPR has Democrats up 46-41 percent, which, believe it or not, is bad news for Democrats. Historically, when the GOP is within five in this poll, that means they win.

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