Survey: Near Majority of Republicans Prefer Trump in 2024 over Another Conservative GOP Candidate

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 30: Former president of the United States Donald Trump gives a thumbs up prior to Game Four of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park on October 30, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Elsa/Getty Images

Almost half of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters prefer former President Donald Trump to run in 2024 over another conservative GOP candidate, an Echelon Insights survey released this week found.

The survey presented voters with the following scenario: “If the 2024 Republican presidential primaries were being held today and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote?” and offered two choices: Donald Trump, or “a conservative Republican candidate who was a strong supporter of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, vocally opposed Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, would have fired Anthony Fauci as president, and wants to represent the future of the MAGA movement.”

Nearly a majority, 49 percent, said they would choose Trump, while 32 percent said they would choose a conservative who was a strong supporter of Trump. Another 19 percent, however, said they remain unsure. 

In another scenario, the survey asked the same question but offered “a conservative Republican candidate with a measured and  responsible tone who didn’t agree with Donald Trump’s actions” as the other choice. In that scenario, Trump gains even more support, with 59 percent choosing Trump, compared to 30 percent who chose the other hypothetical candidate. Eleven percent remain unsure.

The survey was taken January 21-23, 2022, among 1,029 national registered voters and coincides with other polls showing most Americans expressing the belief that Trump was a better president than Biden — 53 percent to Biden’s 47 percent.

This week, Rasmussen Reports revealed that Biden’s approval index, reflecting those who strongly approve minus those who strongly disapprove, is now -33, surpassing Trump’s worst recorded rating in his tenure:


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