Joe Biden Leaves Airplane Mask Mandates Intact Even as Democrat Governors Lift Restrictions

ATHENS, GREECE - MAY 11: Refugees wave from a plane carrying group of 50 people, including
Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

President Joe Biden has not shifted his mandate for masks on airplanes, even as more Democrat governors are lifting coronavirus restrictions in their states.

In December, the mask mandate for travelers on airplanes was extended to March 18, 2022, but there appears to be no sign that federal officials are willing to lift it early.

The White House and the Department of Transportation did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News about lifting the air travel masking mandate.

The White House will likely address the Democrat shift in mask mandates during a press briefing with the president’s coronavirus team scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Masking mandates on planes have only increased the stress of travel, as fights about masking have escalated disputes between passengers and flight attendants.

In 2022, 205 mask-related incidents were reported of the 323 incidents of unruly passenger behavior so far this year.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg lectured Americans for their behavior on planes, telling them in an interview on CNN that “anything besides zero is an unacceptable rate.”

“You simply should not behave this way on an airplane — you shouldn’t behave this way on the ground either,” Buttigieg said.

The transportation secretary made headlines by saying he wanted to “take a look at” the idea of a “no-fly list” for passengers who disrupted flights with bad behavior.

“Obviously, there are enormous implications in terms of civil liberties, in terms of how you administer something like that,” he admitted.


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