Exclusive: GOP Candidate Matthew Foldi Hammers Democrat David Trone for His Closed, Taxpayer-Funded Offices

Matthew Foldi
Courtesy Matthew Foldi

Former journalist and current Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District Matthew Foldi, looking to unseat “part-time congressman” David Trone (D-MD), hammered the incumbent after being accused of spreading “misinformation” for revealing that Trone’s offices were closed.

Foldi, who has been traveling around Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District doing a “David Trone closed office tour,” called the incumbent “pathetic” for saying his events exposing Trone’s closed offices were “misinformation.”

“It’s pathetic that the only way to get David Trone to listen to his constituents is to hold press conferences outside his closed and locked offices for an entire week,” Foldi exclusively told Breitbart News Friday night after a spokesperson for Trone responded to the attacks.

A spokesperson for Trone told WCBC that the “accusations” from Foldi about his offices being “routinely closed” is “misinformation which could create confusion for constituents.”

“Voters are crystal clear, from one side of this district to the other—we need a full-time congressman to work overtime to bring jobs back to Western Maryland–but David Trone either doesn’t know, or worse, doesn’t care,” Foldi told Breitbart News. “We are suffering 40-year high inflation, increasing crime, and a stagnant economy. Maryland’s seniors, first responders, teachers, and veterans simply can’t afford a congressman who’s hiding from us.”

The district, which includes most of the western part of the state, became slightly more Republican after the redistricting process, which would give a Republican a chance at unseating the Democrat incumbent, who has been in office since 2019.

Trone’s spokesperson said the congressman has offices in Cumberland, Hagerstown, Frederick, and Gaithersburg but admittingly noted that “each office is not open every day” but claimed that any calls to the office would be returned within 48 hours and that “constituent service [is] a top priority.”

“Once we fire David Trone together this November, my staff and I will personally sort through years of backlogged constituent casework that David Trone thinks he’s too important to do,” Foldi concluded.

Foldi has been holding “David Trone closed office tour” events at the Democrat’s offices across Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District:

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