Cassidy Hutchinson’s Attorney Spins Testimony’s Collapse: She Only ‘Recounted What She Was Told’

UNITED STATES - JUNE 28: Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former White House Chief of Staff
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc. /Getty Images

Cassidy Hutchinson’s attorney on Tuesday defended her January 6 Committee testimony as a simple regurgitation of second-hand knowledge.

After Hutchinson’s testimony was reportedly debunked by Secret Service agents who denied that the incident she described occurred, her attorney, Jody Hunt of Alston Bird, tweeted Hutchinson only repeated to the committee what she had been told by a third party.

“Ms. Hutchinson testified, under oath, and recounted what she was told,” Hunt wrote. “Those with knowledge of the episode also should testify under oath.”

Hunt previously worked at the Department of Justice for over 20 years, according to LinkedIn. The DOJ is currently prosecuting multiple individuals associated with January 6.

Hutchinson alleged former President Donald Trump tried to commandeer the “the beast” after his rally. But hours after Hutchinson leveled these accusations against Trump, NBC News reported that Bobby Engel, Trump’s secret serviceman on duty on January 6, would testify under oath to contradict Hutchinson’s story of Trump’s alleged attempt to take control of the beast.

The Secret Service’s spokesman told Politico Wednesday the committee did not attempt to corroborate Hutchinson’s story before her testimony.

“[W]e were not asked to reappear before the Committee in response to yesterday’s new information and we plan on formally responding on the record,” Anthony Guglielmi said. “We have and will continue to make any member of the Secret Service available.

It is not known why the committee did not ask the Secret Service to corroborate Hutchinson’s story. The committee previously stated they would welcome “any more information about the Secret Service altercation that witnesses would provide under oath,” Politico reported.

Engel has reportedly already been interviewed by the committee, and his testimony “is not known” to support any of Hutchinson’s claims.

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