Kamala Harris Event Stage Features Embarrassing Spelling Error in New Orleans

US-POLITICS-CULTURE-HARRIS Actress KeKe Palmer (L) introduces US Vice President Kamala Har

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday participated in an event featuring a critical spelling error on the stage backdrop.

The vice president walked on stage smiling and waving at the Essence Festival in New Orleans where she participated in an interview with actress Keke Palmer.

But behind the vice president, the text mistakenly read “Lousiana” instead of Louisiana.

It is unclear who is responsible for the spelling error. However, the vice president’s advance staff should have caught the obvious mistake before Harris went on stage.

It’s the latest example of how Harris and her staff struggle with bad optics as they try to improve her political performance on the national stage.

Harris was widely mocked after she participated in a video with children in October to promote space exploration, but they were later revealed to be child actors. In September, Harris nodded in agreement when a student claimed Israel was guilty of “ethnic genocide.”

She was mocked in June 2021 for laughing when asked when she would visit the southern border, noting she had not been to Europe either.

But Harris dismissed her critics during her interview in New Orleans.

“Don’t hear, ‘It can’t be done.’ Don’t hear, ‘Nobody like you has done this before,’” she said. “I like to say, ‘I eat no for breakfast.’”


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