Day 4: Joe Biden Says He Suffers from Raspy Voice, Sore Throat as He Battles Coronavirus

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Samuel Corum/AFP/Getty Images

President Joe Biden said he continues to suffer from a raspy voice and a sore throat as he battles coronavirus, speaking to reporters four days after he first tested positive for the virus.

“I’m feeling great,” Biden said hoarsely when asked by reporters how he was feeling, although he admitted his voice is still “raspy” and he has “a little bit of sore throat” as well as a “cough.”

The president spoke with reporters briefly about his health on Monday after participating in a virtual event about the importance of the CHIPS act, a bill making its way through Congress to boost the domestic production of semiconductor chips.

Biden noted proudly he got “two full nights of sleep all the way through” in recent days.

“My dog had to wake me up this morning. My wife’s not here; she usually takes him out in the morning,” he said.

The first lady remains at their home in Delaware because she tested negative for the virus.

Biden said he continues to have a “full-blown series of tests” every evening since he was infected by the virus.

“So far, everything good — everything’s on the button,” Biden said. “I’m feeling better every day. I still have this a little bit of a sore throat, a little bit of a cough, but it’s changing significantly.”

He said he felt the virus was moving to the upper part of his throat and his nose.

“I think I’m on my way to full total recovery, God willing,” he said.

The president said he would probably return to in-person events in a few days, although doctors said they would not re-test him again for coronavirus until at least five days after he tested positive.

“I hope I’m back to work in person by the end of this week,” he said.


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