Rep. Ted Budd at Trump Rally: I Won’t ‘Back Down’ on America First Agenda

WILMINGTON, NC - SEPTEMBER 23: Representative Ted Budd shakes hands with former President Donald Trump at a Save America Rally at the Aero Center Wilmington on September 23, 2022 in Wilmington, North Carolina. The "Save America" rally was a continuation of Donald Trump's effort to advance the Republican agenda by …
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Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, joined former President Donald Trump on stage during a “Save America” rally and let the crowd know he will not “back down” on Trump’s America First agenda.

Trump said as he introduced Budd:

Ted is truly the candidate and is said to be the candidate of a thing called law and order. You know, that used to be a term you’re not supposed to say. We’ll say it all the time Ted, and as a gun store owner, Ted will always defend your Second Amendment. So I’d like to ask Ted Budd to come on up and say a few words.

Budd came on stage and welcomed Trump back to North Carolina.

“Wow, Mr. President, I think I can speak for all of us here who are glad to have Donald J. Trump back in North Carolina,” Budd said.

Budd then attacked his Democrat opponent, former chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court Cheri Beasley, and linked her to President Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

“Mr. President, I can also say that we are ready to stop the Biden-Beasley agenda and make America great again. We all know that the Biden-Beasley agenda makes our life worse,” Budd said. “But our plan, Mr. President, it did and it will again make our life better.”

Budd then told the crowd he would not back down when it comes to Trump’s America First agenda.

“When it comes to the America First agenda, President Trump didn’t back down. And when you endorsed me, you said ‘Ted, it’s because you didn’t back down.’ So I want to let you know that I’m not gonna back down either, friends,” Budd said. “Mr. President, we just want to say thank you. We want to thank your whole family as well. Now let’s go win this for our country.”

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