Exclusive–Morris: New York ‘Adams Tent City’ for Illegal Immigrants Bars Journalists

The Randall's Island tents are expected to provide temporary shelter for 500 adults a
Lokman Vural Elibol/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

A massive encampment in New York City for illegal immigrants is banning journalists from entering and observing the premises, and staff working at the area are refusing to talk to press, or share any information whatsoever.

Breitbart News went to the tent city on Randalls Island, across the East River from Harlem — called “Adams Tent City” on Google Maps — which was guarded by what appeared to be a contracted security company at the gate and had the National Guard patrolling on the premises. Neither would identify themselves to Breitbart, but a sign at the gate said, “Security/Seguridad Granny’s Alliance.” A police officer parked nearby identified the National Guard to Breitbart.

Eric Adams’s Migrant Tent City, Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News

According to its website, “Granny’s Alliance” is an emergency relief company, but also does “event planning for private parties, corporate functions, and special events” — because they “know that daily life is not consumed by catastrophe.”

Granny’s Alliance also notes on its website that it is “women owned.”

Asked by Breitbart who gave directives to restrict the area from press, neither the security guard nor the National Guard would answer. The National Guard provided Breitbart with the NYC Public Affairs Office phone number to direct questions, but that line had no answer.

Eric Adams’s Migrant New York Ten City, Emma-Jo Morris/Breitbart News

Staff with a local ABC affiliate, who were also standing by the gate of the encampment, told Breitbart that reporters were allowed inside on Tuesday. Asked what changed from one day to the next, one of the field producers said he “guesses it was the bad press.”

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