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PAC Using Music, Culture to Target New Voters for Trump

A hybrid political action committee (PAC), focused on messaging through music and culture, is launching to target groups of Americans previously chilly to the Republican Party and get them to vote for Donald Trump for president.


Morris and Mansour: Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Schemes Will Help Him in the Election – but Conservatives Can Seize the Issue

President Biden is rolling out his latest round of federal student loan “forgiveness” while continuing to support the predatory loan industry and subsequent degradation of higher education. Democrats are now banking on that scheme to pay dividends in November — but Conservatives should seize this left-wing pet issue and use government to end the education scam for good.

Student Loan Debt

Morris: Ukraine Seeks Billions from U.S. as It Desecrates Jewish Cemetery to Build Condo

As Congress debates President Joe Biden’s request of $64 billion for Ukraine, following the $113 billion that has already been sent, the eastern European nation is acting in violation of international human rights law, and a bilateral agreement with the United States, by desecrating a Jewish cemetery — and is refusing to respond to congressional inquiry about it.


Morris: Hunter Biden Insults Addicts to Deflect from Corruption

Hunter Biden published a column Thursday wherein he dismissed scrutiny of his flagrant corruption as merely being about the fact that he is an addict — a public relations spin that insults millions of Americans struggling with the illness and millions more with a loved one who is.

Hunter Biden's legal team asked Fox News last week to remove "hacked" and "intimate" image

Vivek Ramaswamy Comes Out Against Gaza Invasion, Removal of Hamas

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy announced this week that he opposes Israel’s invasion of Gaza and removal of Hamas, following a massacre by the terror group that left thousands of Israeli civilians killed and scores of Israelis and Americans still held hostage.


Morris: The 2024 Election Is Going to Be a Vote of Defiance

Leading up to the 2024 election, there are a number of pressing issues Americans will consider — rampant illegal immigration, skyrocketing inflation and price of living, violent crime marring cities — but those issues are now against the backdrop of a palpable shift toward authoritarianism. And a vote for Trump in 2024 will be a vote of defiance.

Donald Trump mugshot

Morris: YAF Showcases Future of Conservative Movement

If you’re concerned about the future of the country and are worried about where its next conservative leaders, influencers, and activists will come from, Young Americas Foundation’s (YAF) 45th Annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC, is proof that the country and its future are in capable hands.

Photo courtesy Young Americas Foundation

New York Democrats Divided on Death Following Subway Chaos

New York Democrats are split on how to respond to the death of a mentally ill homeless man who became out of control and was ultimately killed when passengers tried to restrain him, on Monday, leading to a spasm of activist protest.

FILE - A New York City Police Department officer and a subway conductor look down the subw