Kanye West Tweets a Swastika and Star of David Logo to Show ‘Love’ for Both; UPDATE: Suspended

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Kanye West is seen on November 27, 2022 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)
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Rapper Kanye West tweeted a swastika and Star of David logo on Thursday to continue his newfound “love” for both Nazis and Jewish people, even though Nazis murdered six million Jewish people.

Update: West was suspended from Twitter on Thursday, with owner Elon Musk saying that the suspension was for inciting violence.

The rapper issued the logo on Thursday night shortly after his interview with Alex Jones wherein he said that he loves Hitler, Nazis, and Jewish people all in one breath while simultaneously denying that the two former groups murdered six million of the latter.

The symbol on Kanye’s main Twitter account was eventually taken down by moderators for violating the platform’s conduct on hate speech, but the symbol remained on his “War Room” account.

Shortly after sharing the symbol, Kanye West shared an alleged screenshot of a private text exchange between him and Elon Musk in which Musk said that West had “gone too far.”

“Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love,” Elon allegedly told Kanye.

Kanye responded, “Who made you the judge?”

Kanye then shared more of the alleged exchange on Truth Social that showed Elon praying the Our Father prayer, to which Kanye said, “I’m Jesus name.”

The Truth Social post also revealed that Kanye had received a message of Twitter suspension, meaning he would no longer be able to tweet or retweet from his account temporarily.

Assuming that his whole account would soon be banned or suspended, Kanye closed out with two final troll tweets. In the first, he shared a photograph of Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul, claiming he “caught” him in a love affair with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. In the second, he shared a photograph of a pale Elon Musk on his yacht.

During his interview with Alex Jones, Kanye West took his antisemitism to a new level, praising Hitler while peddling Holocaust denial.

“I like Hitler. … I’m not trying to be shocking, I like Hitler. The Holocaust is not what happened. Let’s look at the facts of that, and Hitler has a lot of redeeming qualities,” West said while wearing a full-face black mask.

“[Hitler] had a really cool outfit, and he was a really good architect … and he didn’t kill six million Jews,” West added.

West went on to say that Hitler and the Nazis even had some positive qualities while claiming that “Jewish people” have tried to dictate who he will and will not love.

“Well, I see good things about him,” he said. “I love everyone. The Jewish people are not going to tell me, ‘you can love us and or you can love what we’re doing to your contracts, but this guy (Hitler) that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician — you cannot say out loud that he ever did anything good.’ I’m done with that. I’m done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value that they bring to the table, especially Hitler.”


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