Burlington, Vermont Seeks to Give Voting Rights to DACA Illegal Aliens

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Burlington, Vermont, voters are seeking to extend local voting rights to illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as well as foreign nationals with green cards and newly-arrived migrants with work permits.

This week, residents in Burlington voted overwhelmingly, 67 percent, to allow DACA illegal aliens, green card-holders, and migrants with work permits to vote in local elections. Only 32 percent of residents voted against the measure.

Now, the measure will go before Vermont’s state legislature, which must approve the local voting changes and be signed by Gov. Phil Scott (R). In January, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that localities allowing foreign nationals to vote in local elections do not violate the state’s constitution.

Already, last year, Winooski and Montpelier, Vermont, began allowing foreign nationals to vote in local elections in a similar measure that was approved by the state legislature. Though Scott vetoed the measures, legislators overrode the veto.

Scott has said he is not opposed to allowing foreign nationals to vote in local elections but rather he wants the legislature to send him a bill that would open voting in local races, statewide, to foreign nationals.

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