Lauren Boebert: Democrats Believe Arresting Donald Trump Is Their ‘Only Hope’ of Victory in 2024

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., center, joins other members of the House Freedom Caucus as s
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) argued in a Twitter post that Democrats believe the anticipated arrest of former President Donald Trump is the party’s “only hope” of winning the 2024 election.

Boebert, who has closely aligned herself with Trump since she first ran for the House of Representatives in 2020, argued, “Democrats know they won’t be able to beat our ideas at the ballot box in 2024 so think this is their only hope.”

Trump wrote a message on Truth Social Saturday morning announcing he expected to be arrested on Tuesday in connection with an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office concerning payments allegedly made to Stormy Daniels. Additionally, Trump called for protests in the event of his arrest.

Boebert contrasted Trump’s legal situation with that of his 2016 opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was once investigated by the FBI for allegedly storing classified materials on a private server.

“It is ridiculous that Hillary Clinton and others walk around without a care in the world while President Trump is put through hell on earth,” Boebert wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, Boebert urged others to oppose “the political persecution of President Trump.”

Other Republicans have spoken out against what they perceive as an attempt to weaponize the criminal justice system against the former president.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) described the coming arrest as “an outrageous abuse of power” and “politically motivated” and announced he was “directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

Vivek Ramaswamy, an author and entrepreneur who is running against Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has condemned the expected move to indict Trump and called on his other primary opponents to oppose “politically empowered prosecutors eliminating the opposition of a ruling party using arrest power.”

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