Exclusive — Nikki Haley: Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Made America Look ‘Completely Defeated’ on World Stage

Nikki Haley
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Former U.N. Ambassador and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley told Breitbart News that President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal made the United States look “completely defeated” and led to the chaos currently seen on the world stage. 

“Well, I think if you look at the Russian invasion in Ukraine, I think if you look at China sending over a spy balloon, I think if you look at Iran trying to build a bomb, or you look at North Korea testing ballistic missiles, it all goes back to the debacle that we had in Afghanistan,” Haley said. 

Haley’s full interview will air Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel as part of Breitbart News’s Easter weekend radio special. 

Haley faulted Biden for leaving Afghanistan without providing notice to our allies in the area. 

“I mean, the idea that we left Afghanistan in the middle of the night, without telling our allies, who stood shoulder to shoulder with us for decades, because we asked them to be there,” Haley said. “I mean, think about what that told our allies. More importantly, think about what that told our enemies.”

Haley said that much of the progress Afghanistan saw before Biden’s withdrawal has now “gone backwards.”

Haley said, “When I was at the UN, my husband deployed to Afghanistan. He was a combat veteran and was there, they had made strides, especially with women, on the fact that women could be educated women had jobs, women were making so much progress. And now you look back, and they have, you know, we’ve seen the fact that all of that has gone backwards. And you know, there is no religious freedom there at all. There’s only, you know, control and aggressiveness, and they’ve taken it back.”

The presidential hopeful also noted that the Taliban is exerting its power over the region and they are using American military equipment to do so. 

“Not only that you, you look at the social aspects, but you look at the fact we left all of our military equipment, and I remember my husband looking at a video, and he was looking at a video of the Taliban and he’s saying, ‘They’re driving our Jeeps,’” Haley said. “And then he goes, ‘They’re holding our guns.’ And then the worst part was, he was like, ‘They’re wearing our uniforms.’”

“They were making fun of us. I mean, it set a terrible image throughout the world that we had, we were completely defeated,” she added. “And, you know, my husband and so many military men and women, they didn’t mind if we got out of Afghanistan.”

Haley said the “most embarrassing” part of Biden’s withdrawal is the 13 American lives lost.

“Many of them thought we should, but it’s how we got out. Not only did we just get out in the most embarrassing of circumstances, but then they lost 13 brothers and sisters in the process,” Haley said. “That was never the way it was supposed to be.”

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