Democrats Pitch Plan to Turn NYC University Dorms into Migrant Shelters

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A pair of Democrats are urging New York universities and colleges to transform their student dorms into migrant shelters as border crossers and illegal aliens continue arriving daily.

Since the spring of 2022, more than 60,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in the sanctuary city of New York City. In response, Mayor Eric Adams (D) has turned to housing most migrants in hotels, a lucrative policy for the city’s powerful real estate lobby.

Reps. Dan Goldman (D-NY) and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) are now asking officials at New York universities and colleges to turn their student dorms into migrant shelters.

“During the summer, many of your institutions have empty dorm rooms, student apartments, and other potentially appropriate places for shelter that can serve as much-needed temporary housing for migrants. We also ask for your help as we work with local leaders to provide food assistance and other necessities as well as pro bono legal assistance to migrant families arriving in New York,” the Democrat congressmen write:

As more families continue to arrive in New York, it is critical that all sectors of our society, including the private sector and institutions of higher education, also support the City’s commitment to providing these basic necessities to migrant families. Reports indicate that New York State is considering SUNY campuses as a place to temporarily house families. Many of your institutions also have prestigious law schools, medical facilities, and admit students who are committed to public service. We encourage you to develop programs that incentivize and support faculty and students to volunteer their time and talent to serve asylum seekers and their children. [Emphasis added]

State governors such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott would like us to turn against each other and embrace anti-immigrant sentiments. We must show the rest of the country that when all sectors of our society come together, we can live up to our highest values and ideals as we welcome new immigrants to our community. [Emphasis added]

Like Adams, Democrats representing New York in Congress have not sought to pressure President Joe Biden’s administration to eliminate its Catch and Release network. Instead, they are looking to turn waves of illegal immigration into a boon for employers by more quickly giving work permits to border crossers and illegal aliens.

In addition to potentially putting border crossers and illegal aliens in student dorms, New Yorkers are set to foot an annual $75 million bill to put up border crossers and illegal aliens in Manhattan’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel.

Adams has noted that the cost of illegal immigration to New Yorkers, who are paying about $5 million every day to deal with the issue, will far exceed $4.3 billion when lost tourism money is factored in.

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