New York Times Op-ed Warns of ‘Terrible Consequences’ of Prosecuting Trump

Prosecutor Jack Smith waits for the start of the court session of Kadri Veseli's initial a
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Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith, a noted critic of former President Donald Trump, published a “guest essay” in the New York Times on Tuesday warning of “terrible consequences” for the country in the ongoing prosecutions of Trump.

Goldsmith, who served in the George W. Bush administration, warned Times readers that while they might enjoy the idea of Trump being indicted and possibly imprisoned, the other half of the country did not see it that way, and would seek revenge:

This deeply unfortunate timing [of the indictments] looks political and has potent political implications even if it is not driven by partisan motivations. And it is the Biden administration’s responsibility, as its Justice Department reportedly delayed the investigation of Mr. Trump for a year and then rushed to indict him well into G.O.P. primary season. The unseemliness of the prosecution will most likely grow if the Biden campaign or its proxies use it as a weapon against Mr. Trump if he is nominated.

And then there is the perceived unfairness in the department’s treatment of Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, in which the department has once again violated the cardinal principle of avoiding any appearance of untoward behavior in a politically sensitive investigation. Credible whistle-blowers have alleged wrongdoingand bias in the investigation, though the Trump-appointed prosecutor denies it. And the department’s plea arrangement with Hunter Biden came apart, in ways that fanned suspicions of a sweetheart deal, in response to a few simple questions by a federal judge.

The prosecution may well have terrible consequences beyond the department for our politics and the rule of law. It will probably inspire ever more aggressive tit-for-tat investigations of presidential actions in office by future Congresses and by administrations of the opposing party, to the detriment of sound government.

Read Goldsmith’s full article here. reported Tuesday that the “shock value” of successive Trump indictments — he has faced three thus far, and could soon face a fourth — has dropped, even as Trump has solidified his position at the top of the Republican presidential primary polls.

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