Gallup Poll: Joe Biden’s Support Among Independents Drops 8 Points to Record Low 27 Percent

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President Joe Biden’s support among independents sunk eight points to a record low 27 percent in November, a Gallup poll reveals,flagging a key indicator the 2024 election will be a close race between Biden and likely GOP nominee former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s approval among independents trends down, the polling showed:

  • November: 27 percent
  • October: 35 percent
  • September: 39 percent
  • August: 39 percent
  • July: 38 percent

Joe Biden’s policies were also met with low approval among independent voters, the poll found:

  • Sluggish Economy: 24 percent
  • Job Performance: 27 percent
  • Foreign Policy: 28 percent
  • Ukraine War: 31 percent
  • Healthcare Policy: 35 percent

“With less than a year to go until the presidential election, Biden continues to receive tepid ratings from the American public,” Gallup wrote. “His overall job approval rating is still at his personal low and is in historically dangerous territory for an incumbent seeking reelection.”

Overall, the poll found Biden’s approval rating among Americans matched record lows:

  • November: 37 percent approved
  • October: 37 percent approved
  • September: 41 percent
  • August: 42 percent
  • July: 40 percent
  • June: 43 percent
  • May: 39 percent
  • April: 37 percent approved

The poll sampled 1,013 Americans from November 1-21 with a 4 point margin of error.

It appears Biden’s approval rating is most impacted by his management of the economy and in particular, inflation.

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Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

The goods and services American workers could afford with $100 in 2020 now cost $119.27, a recent Bloomberg report found:

  • Ground beef costs $5.23 on average, up from $3.89 in January 2020.
  • Coffee is up some $2 a pound. Fruits and vegetables are about 14 percent higher.
  • Electric bills spiked 25 percent since January 2020.
  • Natural gas is up 29 percent since January 2020.
  • Car insurance is up 33 percent since 2020.
  • Hotel prices are up 15 percent since 2020.
  • Grocery and electricity prices are both up 25 percent since January 2020.
  • Used car prices have climbed 35 percent since 2020.
  • Auto insurance is up 33 percent, and rents are up roughly 20 percent since 2020.

“The reality is setting in for consumers that prices rarely go down, especially not in the aggregate. And so really the best they can hope for is prices leveling off and — at the very least — growing at a slower rate,” Wells Fargo & Co. Senior Economist Sarah House told Bloomberg. “Hopefully they level off and give a chance for incomes to continue to grow.”

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