Dean: Trump’s Core Will Get Him Nominated Then Lose the Election

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that former President Donald Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination and then lose the general election.

Dean said, “I think there’s some other things going on, too. The things that are different are that Trump has a core group that’s not going to dessert him under any circumstances, definitely enough to get him the nomination. It’s not enough to win. Secondly there’s something else at play that wasn’t in play in either of those other two races, and that is Trump is under indictment. He has 91 charges and he’s already been convicted of one charge of falsifying his business expenses – excuse me – falsifying his business value, so he’s cheated the banks and so forth.”

He added, “It’s a little bit of a different situation. I do think Haley is playing the long game here. If we get into August and it’s time for the Republican National Convention and Trump is on trial or has some convictions, there’s going to be an opening for somebody. Then there really is going to be a divided Republican convention. It’s going to be really hard for the professionals and the people who know what they’re doing to nominate a guy who is a convict. That’s where a second person could come up. The only second person left is Nikki Haley.”

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