Exclusive — Sen. Ron Johnson: It Is ‘Jaw-Dropping How Dysfunctional’ Congress Is

Senator Ron Johnson, R-Wis., speaks during a news conference on spending, Wednesday, Dec.
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It is “jaw-dropping” how dysfunctional Congress is, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said during a Thursday appearance on Breitbart News Daily, explaining how differently it operates than any business in the private sector.

“Beyond frustrating,” he said, describing Congress. “In the private sector, organizations, to survive, have to function, right? You have to have vision and mission statements. You have to establish goals that the people in your organization have to know what those are, and they have to know their role here. … That’s not what Congress is,” the senator said.

“This is the most dysfunctional place. It’s jaw-dropping how dysfunctional it is. We’re almost halfway through the fiscal year. We still haven’t funded it, other than stopgap continuing resolutions, and that’s both sides’ fault,” Johnson said. “You know, [Kevin] McCarthy, when he was in charge of the House, he did pass appropriation bills to start putting pressure on the Senate. [Chuck] Schumer certainly hasn’t.”


Further, Johnson said Americans are continually frustrated by a lack of border security, and Congress will not address it.

“Look at what just happened on the border. The American people want a secure border. … First of all, we didn’t ask for secret negotiations; there should have been a public debate. But all we were asking for was a forcing mechanism to force Biden to use the authority he had to secure the border,” Johnson said.

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“We would have been happy to strengthen his authority, but Trump had enough authority to secure the border. Again, not as strong as it could have been. But then Biden used the exact same authority to open up the border. He has the authority. So we weren’t looking for an immigration bill that would make matters worse, but that’s what the secret negotiations provided us,” he said, describing it as “insane.”

“When the American people demand something, when you got an issue to the public on your side, why would you post yourself behind closed doors and try to negotiate something awful in secret? It makes no sense,” he said, blasting the dysfunction from a “private sector guy like myself.”

“It’s beyond frustrating,” he added.

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