Poll: Majority of Republicans Find Donald Trump More Trustworthy Than Media on Ukraine-Russia

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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

An overwhelming majority of Republicans find former President Donald Trump more trustworthy than the news media when it comes to information on the Ukraine and Russia conflict.

A CBS News/YouGov poll conducted between April 9 and 12, which surveyed 2,399 American adults, found that when it came to getting information regarding the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, 79 percent of Republicans said they trusted Trump.

The poll also found that Republicans who trusted Trump were less likely to support sending military and monetary aid to Ukraine compared to 60 percent of Republicans who said they trusted the Pentagon for information.

Fifty-six percent of Republicans revealed that they trusted conservative news media outlets more for information regarding the Ukraine and Russia conflict, 33 percent of Republicans said they trusted journalists who were in the war zone, while 27 percent said they trusted the State Department.


A separate poll showed that 31 percent of “self-identified ‘MAGA’ Republicans”  said the United States should send aid to Ukraine, while 69 percent said the U.S. “should not” send aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, forty-five percent of “non-MAGA Republicans” said the U.S. should send aid to Ukraine, while 55 percent said the U.S. should not.

In February, the Senate passed a $95.3 billion emergency spending package to provide military aid to both Ukraine and Israel, in addition to providing food, water, and humanitarian aid to people in Gaza.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned in February he was facing an “artificial deficit” of weapons, and revealed that he had invited Trump to Kyiv.

In April, Zelensky said he had reached out to Trump to invite him to visit Ukraine in order to change his mind regarding the need for more military aid.


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