Curt Schilling: The Battle of Brandywine

Washington, DC

Former Boston Red Sox ace Curt Schilling discussed the Battle of Brandywine with Breitbart News Sunday SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon in some detail, while also addressing American culture today and what can be done to ingrain the nation’s unique history into future generations.

“The  lesson to talk to your kids about,” said Shilling, “is what this was meant for them. The kids that have the things they have today, why do they have them? How did they get them? And there are a lot of lessons in talking about the citizen soldiers of the Revolutionary war.” Added Shilling, “I believe it’s one-hundred percent on our teachers that are teaching history to not just teach it. Don’t make them read a chapter over the weekend. Talk about it like you care about it.”

While faulting the “liberal agenda” impacting education today, Schilling also talked about his visits with American troops overseas and said he believes America continues to produce patriots every bit as serious and capable for those associated with her founding and the American Revolution.

From the Wiki: “The Battle of Brandywine, also known as the Battle of Brandywine Creek, was fought between the American army of General George Washington and the British army of General Sir William Howe on September 11, 1777.”

There’s also more history here:

September 11, 1777: The Day of the Battle

The day of the battle began with a heavy fog which blanketed the area, providing cover for the approaching British troops. When the fog cleared, the sun blazed and the heat was sweltering.

The first reports of British troop movements indicated to Washington that Howe had divided his forces. Subsequent reports both confirmed and denied this report.

In the confusion Washington persisted in the mistaken belief that the British were sending their entire force against his line at Chadds Ford. Meanwhile, Howe and the majority of his force continued their approach. By mid-afternoon the British had crossed the river at the unguarded ford to the north of Washington’s force and they had gained a strategic position near Birmingham Friends Meeting House.

When the British appeared on the American right flank, Washington realized that he had been outmaneuvered. He ordered his army to take the high ground around Birmingham Friends Meeting House as a last defense. Unfortunately, in the confusion caused by the surprise, the Americans were unable to successfully defend their position. The Americans fought valiantly, but they had been outwitted on the rolling hills along the Brandywine.

Nightfall finally brought an end to the battle. The defeated Americans retreated to Chester. The bulk of the army arrived by midnight with the remainder trickling in until dawn.

General Howe’s exhausted men camped on the battlefield and the surrounding countryside including the farmyards of Benjamin Ring and Gideon Gilpin.

British Captain John Andre wrote in his journal, “Night and the fatigue the soldiers had undergone prevented any pursuit.”

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