Sonnie Johnson: Trump Speech Laid Out ‘What Democrats Have Done to the Black Community Over the Last Sixty Years’

Sonnie Johnson

On Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily, podcaster Sonnie Johnson said she was “yelling and screaming” during Donald Trump’s speech in Wisconsin on Tuesday night, because “it felt like a speech that I could have written, that I would have given, that I’ve given so many times, in front of so many audiences.”

Johnson said Trump’s speech targeted what “Democrats have done to the black community over the last sixty years,” and laid things out more plainly, and boldly, than previous Republicans have dared to attempt.

“To have it laid out, to have it addressed, to not have it skirted over, to not have it bathed in welfare talk, and poverty talk, but actually to have it, to inspire black people that America is your country, and you deserve to have the greatness and richness thereof in it – I was over the moon last night! Congratulations, Donald Trump! Thank you!” she declared.

SiriusXM host Matt Boyle pointed out that polls show Trump faring very poorly with black voters, but Johnson was confident his speech in Wisconsin would help him turn those numbers around, and even meet his goal of drawing a larger percentage of the black vote than previous GOP candidates.

“The emphasis is on the American people, and for once, you have a Republican candidate that went above and beyond to make sure that black people feel like they are included in that America,” she said. “You don’t have to convince black people that having money is better than being poor. You don’t have to convince them of that. All you have to do is inspire them, and they will do the rest.”

“And that is what Hillary needs to be scared to death of,” she continued. “You have a generation of young blacks that are inspired to take over the world, and now we have a Republican candidate that’s saying, not only will I be your voice, not only will I stand with you, but I will win. And that is something that the black community has not had, since they have let these progressives be in control of our cities. Just the thought of having a real fight in the inner cities of America, with a Republican candidate that gives a damn — Hillary Clinton better be shakin’ in her boots!”

Johnson predicted that while Trump certainly enjoys enormous name recognition on a cultural level, his Wisconsin campaign stop would mark the beginning of black voters “getting to know him on an intellectual level.” She also thought Trump’s confidence, boldness, and even his ostentatious wealth would be seen as inspirational, the trappings of a success he invited voters from every demographic background to aspire to.

“We don’t want to be living in ghettos. We don’t want to fall asleep to the sound of gunshots,” Johnson said. “We don’t want poverty. We don’t want destruction. We want wealth, and we are in the greatest country, in America, and we deserve it, because we are part of that fabric. That came through flawlessly last night, through Donald Trump’s speech.”

“There is a strength in us that is waiting to be unleashed, and we have an opportunity to fill the vacuum,” she said of black Americans. “And for the first time, I feel like we have a Republican candidate that can go in and suck some of that progressive oxygen out, and actually give us a chance to implant some conservative principles.”   

Johnson did not think highly of Hillary Clinton’s attitude toward the community she saw Trump so effectively engaging.

“Hillary hates black people,” she stated. “Every single angle, from her being a Woodrow Wilson progressive – which, if you go back and search the history of Woodrow Wilson, how racist she was, and she calls herself a Woodrow Wilson-era progressive. If you go through her love of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions, upon millions, upon millions of black babies in this country, and she adores Margaret Sanger, and thinks she’s done excellent work.”

“If you go the poverty programs, if you go through the ‘super predators,’ they need to be brought down to heel – you could go through Hillary Clinton’s entire history, and see there is nothing but hate and contempt for black people. Especially even in this last primary, when she called them her ‘security blanket,’ so that when she came to the South, she wouldn’t be beat, she could count on the stupid black people to be there to vote for her,” Johnson continued.

“We are no longer stupid, we are no longer solid. You can’t keep us solid. And we will make sure everybody knows your history, and we will make sure that we are an alternative like you have never seen before,” she declared.

A caller posited that Trump’s speech, and Johnson’s enthusiasm, might not be enough to overcome the social effects of widespread dependency on government programs.

“I’ve always said there was a certain percentage of the population that were perfectly fit to be Democrats,” Johnson responded. “But what I think is being misconstrued is that there’s a smaller part of that portion than what you think it is.The majority of black people don’t want anything free. We just want to get — how do I say it? — the boot off the necks of our communities. Because you’ve had progressives running our communities who pushed the taxation, who pushed up regulations, who increased the laws so police are so present in our community.”

“There are things that have been done by government that put these communities in the position in which they have been put in, and if you believe that progressivism is a disease, than that is something that you should not be denying. There will be a percentage that won’t come our way, and that’s fine,” she said.

Johnson stressed her point about the importance of cultural influence, and how inspirational messages had to be delivered outside the conventional political channels most previous Republican politicians have used:

Let me tell you about Jay-Z: when you ask, does he inspire? How do you think I became a conservative? I didn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. I wasn’t listening to Sean Hannity. I wasn’t listening to any of these conservative icons. I was listening to Jay-Z, hearing about putting in the work ethic, hearing about putting in the struggle, hearing about educating yourself, hearing about hustling hard to get where you want.

That is where I learned conservatism. That is where I learned capitalism. And you can say that out of all the entities in America, hip-hop has been the one that has kept the idea of making money at the forefront of American culture. No other cultural entity has done that. Everything about hip-hop is about the grind, it’s about the hustle, it is about the work to get where you want.

Just because you listen to a certain segment that only preaches drugs, or violence — that’s not the totality of hip-hop. There is a lot of hip-hop that inspires people like me to get up, get out, and do something. That is the message that needs to be spread, instead of assuming that what the progressives have put out about the black community is true.

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