Ed Klein: Obama ‘Well Aware of Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues,’ so He Has a ‘Mole, a Manchurian Candidate’ in Tim Kaine

Left: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Right: Alex Wong/Getty Images
Left: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst, Right: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Author Ed Klein talked about his new book Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

Marlow said he thought the most important of the book’s many detailed chapters concerned “the palace intrigue” between the Obamas and Clintons, including the revelation that the Obamas “were well aware of Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

As Marlow put it, Guilty as Sin suggests Clinton’s shaky health was one of the reasons the Obamas supported her because “they think they could perhaps have another shadow presidency.”

Klein said this palace intrigue was “very interesting because you know there was a blood feud between the Obamas and the Clintons … but after Barack Obama was unsuccessful in getting Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, the looney-tunes senator from Massachusetts, to run for president – and he tried very hard to get one or the other – he was stuck with Hillary Clinton.”

He explained how Obama has taken steps to guarantee his influence within a Clinton White House:

It’s either Hillary wins or Donald Trump wins, and if Donald Trump wins, obviously, Obama’s legacy is gonna get wiped out, including Obamacare and a lot of other things. So he’s thrown in his lot now with Hillary, but he’s aware of the fact – keenly aware of the fact – that Hillary’s health is very frail.

He, in fact, offered her the use of the Walter Reed National Medical Center to have a checkup. He said he’d let her get in there secretly and nobody would know about it, but she said, “No, thank you” because she has her own doctors in New York City, where she goes periodically for checkups, for what I’m told is a leaky heart valve.

He, Obama, was very instrumental in persuading Hillary to tap Tim Kaine as her running mate. And the reason for that is that Tim Kaine, who used to be a Clinton loyalist many years ago when he was governor of Virginia, backed Obama in 2008 against Hillary during the primaries.

So he is an Obama man, Tim Kaine, not a Clinton man. And so if Hillary should falter because of her health in the White House, if she’s elected, the Obamas have what you might call a mole, or a Manchurian candidate, or whatever you want to call Tim Kaine, there so that they can have huge influence over the course of this country and the Democratic Party.

Klein noted that Obama is “renting this huge home in the Kalorama section of Washington,” which he thinks has “eight bedrooms, and there’s room for Valerie Jarrett there. It has room for ten cars, and that’s very unusual in Washington.”

“This is kind of a second White House in Washington, with Obama, with clear intention of continuing his influence over the course of this country in the next presidency,” Klein said.

Marlow offered some parting thoughts about the importance of Guilty as Sin, building from Klein’s point about the interconnectedness of the Clinton and Obama power structures in Washington:

One of the highlights for me was talking about how Hillary is too big to fail, too big to jail. Going into just the detail of how many people would suffer if Hillary Clinton was indicted, and you realize it’s all the cronyism; it’s all the corporatism. She got out of getting more scrutiny because the more scrutiny she’s under, the more it hurts the Obamas, the more it hurts the other people in power. That’s the math.

And you have a choice, ladies and gentlemen of the American public: you can reject it, or you can accept it. You can accept the Clintons, or you can think we’re gonna go a third way. We’re gonna start fresh, where everyone isn’t in bed with each other in Washington, D.C.

Ed Klein’s blog and newspaper work can be found at his website, EdwardKlein.com. Guilty as Sin is now available from retailers such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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