Tom Fitton: The Same DOJ That Wanted ‘to Prosecute Tea Party Groups’ Told the FBI to ‘Stop Investigating the Clinton Foundation’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed his organization’s quest to obtain FBI records from the Clinton email investigation on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

“We’re looking for all the records on the email investigation – the 302s, the other back-and-forths that documents detail when the FBI started battling on protecting the Clinton administration and giving away immunity agreements and things like that,’ said Fitton. “Also, we sued the FBI for records about the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.”

He laughed at Marlow’s quotation of the name given to the Clinton-Lynch meeting by the New York Post: Snakes on a Plane.”

“I don’t know if, like that movie, was it recorded or not? We don’t know that. But I can bet you there were a lot of emails and back-and-forth after the fact, and the FBI doesn’t want to give any of it up,” Fitton said. “The Justice Department, we’re still waiting for a response from our request there. We even are bugging the FAA for any records.”

“The big story about the Comey decision is not so much the decision, the announcement that they actually are investigating what deserves to be investigated, is that we’ve got the Justice Department obstructing these investigations, and kind of the best example of why they’re obstructing is that meeting between Lynch and Clinton. It shows you who’s really running the Justice Department,” he said.

Fitton doubted most Americans understand how corrupt the Justice Department has become.

“You can’t trust them to investigate anything that doesn’t have a political impact, in a way that doesn’t try to benefit the Left or their political friends,” he asserted.

“I was on Fox this morning, and I was talking about how this Justice Department had actually reached out to the IRS to figure out ways to prosecute the Tea Party groups the IRS is suppressing,” Fitton recounted. “The very same unit in the Justice Department, the Public Integrity unit, Public Integrity section – believe it or not, there is a Public Integrity section in the Justice Department! – they were actually also telling the FBI to stand down or to stop investigating the Clinton Foundation. They didn’t want to give them grand jury opportunities, they didn’t want to give them witness interviews, they didn’t want to give them subpoenas.”

“So if they can think up creative ways to put people like us in jail, yet they don’t want to look at the in-your-face corruption that’s out there on the Clinton Foundation, that tells you how this Justice Department operates,” he said.

Marlow asked what scenarios might play out if Clinton is elected President despite these reinvigorated FBI investigations, and Fitton replied, “Impeachment, or an effort to impeach her.”

“The Justice Department under Hillary Clinton is unlikely to do anything. I think we should be pushing for the appointment of a special counsel, no matter who’s elected president,” Fitton advised. “A special counsel is still a creature of the Justice Department, but presumably allotted a bit more independence than a political operative like Loretta Lynch. We’ve got a real crisis in terms of the rule of law, as a result of Mrs. Clinton’s political prominence, and the potential of her being in the presidency isn’t going to end the crisis, it’s just going to make it worse.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in November, but the email crisis, and the fact that there needs to be a serious independent set of eyes looking at the criminal aspects of what Mrs. Clinton did, that’s gonna remain a major issue no matter what happens next Tuesday,” he predicted.

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