Reim: Harsh Betsy DeVos Opposition Showed Power of Teachers Unions over Dem Party

The Associated Press
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Heritage Foundation Research Associate Mary Clare Reim spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday about the Betsy DeVos confirmation for Education Department secretary and what it means for education going forward.

Also, Reim pinned the strong opposition to DeVos on the power teachers unions have over the Democrat Party. Reim said, “I think that the lesson we should learn from her harsh opposition is that the teachers unions do play an enormous role in our politics.”

Reim agreed with Marlow that the unions all but control the Democrat Party, stating, “The teachers unions are definitely a big factor in our education policy today.”

“School choice,” which DeVos supports, “threatens the public school monopoly,” said Reim.

Reim also stressed the value of Education Savings Accounts. “It expands on the voucher idea,” said Reim, “where you can take these funds and not only use them for private school tuition, but you can use it for any education-related service or activity. You can use it to hire a private tutor. You can use it for textbooks. You can use it for online learning. The sky is the limit for how you can customize your child’s education.”

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