Tom Fitton on Russia Hacking: FBI Chasing Fantasy ‘Democrat Unicorn Theory of the Election’

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

On Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton saw FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee as a “typical congressional hearing, where you get a little bit of information, some headline-grabbing, but in terms of the substance, it’s hard to get anything material.”

“That’s why you need these independent pressure points from groups like Judicial Watch under FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, and get documents – and sue if we don’t get the documents,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

“The FBI director is chasing, it seems to me, a fantasy based on all the available evidence,” Fitton said. “It’s the Democrat unicorn theory of the election, that somehow it was stolen from Hillary Clinton as a result of an improper conspiracy – of what nature, I’m not clear – between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

“If there’s any information of substance out there, certainly it hasn’t been made public,” he noted. “What has been made public is specifically that intelligence report that was put out by President Obama’s DNC, I mean intelligence community.”

Fitton said that report was “laughable in many respects.”

“Let me give you an alternative theory of Russian involvement in the election,” he said. “Assuming they hacked Podesta’s emails, assuming they hacked DNC emails, let’s say the material was put out not to help President Trump win – because no one thought he could win. I look at it as the material being put out to hurt the incoming Clinton administration. That’s what I saw it as.”

“Did the Russians know some secret that no one else in America knew, where President Trump was going to win?” he asked. “Of course they didn’t. Like President Trump, they probably thought he had a chance, didn’t know if he was going to win or not, but the bets were all on Hillary Clinton. If you evaluate their actions, assuming their actions that are being talked about could be attributed to them, certainly you can analyze it as they were trying to hurt Hillary Clinton’s incoming presidency.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s a very different analysis in terms of ‘Well, there was a collusion with the Trump people’ because why would the Trump people care about hurting her incoming presidency? They’d want to just win outright,” Fitton argued.

Marlow wondered what the proverbial “statute of limitations” would be for American society moving on from this conspiracy theory, given that eight months of investigation has produced no hard evidence for it.

Fitton noted that “even the top intelligence officials in the Obama administration say there’s no evidence of collusion, so I’m not quite sure where the investigation continues.”

“Are there people who were close to Trump who had communications and worked with the Russians at one point, in terms of entities close to the Russian government or Russian businesses and such?” he asked. “Probably yes. But does one draw from that the conclusion that there was collusion between a presidential campaign and a foreign government to turn the election? I don’t think there’s any evidence of that.”

“It sounds to me like what otherwise might be legitimate areas of inquiry, that can really be handled in a matter of weeks or months, have turned into a magilla, thanks to a politicized FBI and Justice Department. Remember, the attorney general ain’t running things on this issue because he was cornered into recusing himself. As a result, a lot of this is on autopilot from the Obama administration,” he pointed out.

“We ought to be very concerned about this. I don’t think the goal is to affect the 2020 election. I think the goal of these Obama-connected operatives behind these links and behind this pink unicorn theory of the election – as I said, the Sidney Blumenthals of the world – they want to remove President Trump before the end of his term. They want to force him out. I don’t know how you can conclude anything but this,” Fitton contended.

“We shouldn’t take it lightly that the FBI is purporting to still be investigating this conspiracy theory. It’s like being told six months into the election, let’s say in March of 2009, that the FBI was investigating whether President Obama was born in Hawaii or not. It’s that off-base,” he said.

On the subject of President Trump’s accusation that his campaign was “wiretapped” by the Obama administration, Fitton said, “All we know is that supposedly Mr. Trump’s, there is no ‘evidence’ – I don’t know what that means – that his phones were ‘tapped.’”

“That’s a pretty narrow investigative inquiry related to whether there was surveillance of President Trump and his team and his presidential campaign,” Fitton observed. “Again, this is an example of, frankly, the idiot media taking at face value government explanations, when they are always so skeptical for other government explanations.”

“So the FBI is telling us they’ve had a multi-month – presumably since July – investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, to be specific, and there’s been no surveillance. That’s the most remarkable investigation in the history of law enforcement, if that’s the case,” he said.

He noted that FBI Director James Comey “refused to say whether he briefed President Obama on such investigations” during his congressional testimony, but some media outlets have reported the event as though Comey did rule out briefing Obama.

“He also confirmed about the seriousness of the violations of the release of classified information, namely the Flynn transcript, where there was a transcript of a phone call between the general and the Russian ambassador, or so we’re told,” Fitton continued. “He recognized that the leak of any of that type of information would be classified. He didn’t want to talk about it specifically because to acknowledge it would be to acknowledge and confirm classified information, which he isn’t allowed to do.”

“If I were a clear-thinking leftist operative and Democrat, I would be concerned that the only people likely to go to jail as a result of this politicized inquiry would be former officials with the Obama administration likely involved in the leaking of this classified material,” he advised. “If they’re senior, there’s going to be no protection, other than the typical corrupt protection that high-level government officials, former and current, get. But that’s where the seriousness of the crimes are here, and it’s where we’re likely to see jail over.”

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