Tancredo to Sanctuary City Pols: ‘How Do You Live with Yourself’ Given the Death and Mayhem from Your Decisions?

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Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow to discuss a range of issues, including leaks and sabotage by the so-called “Deep State” to damage President Trump’s administration, sanctuary cities, and more.

Tancredo discussed eliminating sanctuary cities via a bill he has pushed in Colorado, stating, “Look, this isn’t that hard to try and figure out here. ‘Think about this,’ I said. ‘You’re a mayor, and for some reason, you decide to announce that anybody that escapes from any jail or prison in the United States, if they can get to your city, you will provide them sanctuary. That is to say, if they come into contact with your police department, you will not report it to the authorities. And let’s say people do escape, and people actually do get to your city, and they commit mayhem when they get there.'”

He continued, “Now, do you not think that because the bill actually requires, [it] would make people who voted for this and the authorities in these cities personally liable? And so, I said, ‘Don’t you think that, indeed, that is what’s happened – that anybody who does something that stupid, any elected official should, should not be held liable when something occurs, like what is happening throughout this country?'”

“Literally thousands,” he went on. “I know it’s hard to believe this because we’ll see snippets, we’ll see one or two stories about somebody who’s been killed, other acts of mayhem committed by people who are here illegally, who are in sanctuary cities, who have come to the attention of police in those cities, but they were never turned over to ICE. And I said, ‘But there are literally thousands of people who have been killed in this country – thousands. So think of the families. Think of what has happened here because of this idiotic politically correct policy that people want to put in place.’ And you are absolutely right. It is not popular.”

Continued Tancredo, “It is something we could go after. If we don’t get it from the legislature, I encourage people here in Colorado and anywhere else in the nation – there are twenty-three- or-four states that allow the initiative process – I would put it on the ballot everywhere I could because it’s a winner, and it should be done. You know, it’s a good thing to do to stop sanctuary cities.”

Tancredo went on to cite a Colorado tragedy from 2008 involving an illegal immigrant driver:

A 3-year-old boy who died in an ice cream shop was buried Wednesday by heartbroken family members, friends and strangers touched by his death.

Marten Kudlis and two women were killed in a chain-reaction crash last week in Aurora. The two women were in a pickup truck, making a left turn at Havana and Mississippi, when they were broadsided by a speeding sport utility vehicle. Their pickup truck was shoved into a Baskin Robbins shop and Kudlis, who was sitting by the window waiting for ice cream, was thrown out by the impact.

The toddler died at the hospital. The two women — Patricia Guntharp, 49, and Debra Serecky, 51 — died at the scene.

At the start of Wednesday’s service, held at the chapel at Fairmount Cemetery, Marten’s father cried, “I really loved him.”

Charges were not resolved until 2010 when Francis Hernandez received a lengthy sentence:

Even though the man accused of killing his little boy was found guilty and may face more than 100 years in prison, Marat Kudlis was not a happy man on Tuesday.

“This guy is a baby killer,” said Kudlis, the father of Marten Kudlis, who was killed in a crash at an Aurora ice cream shop in 2008 along with two others. The boy was 3 years old.

Francis Hernandez, 25, was convicted on 19 criminal counts related to the crash, including vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident involving death, and child abuse resulting in death.

Hernandez moved here with his parents from Guatemala when he was young and was in the U.S. illegally. He had been arrested for numerous traffic offenses and other violations, but authorities failed to deport him.

Recalling the incident Friday, Tancredo, seemingly choked up, said, “This guy had been arrested six times in that same jurisdiction for various things, from DUIs to drug possession but never, ever turned over to ICE. Now, you tell me that someone isn’t liable under those circumstances. How they sleep with themselves, how they sleep, I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror. These politicians that have voted for this stuff, how do you live with yourself when you know your decisions have led directly to the death or other forms of mayhem being committed in your jurisdiction – because of your decisions? It’s astounding to me how they can live with themselves.”

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