Bossie: ‘Bringing Pressure’ in 2018 Primaries Is Critical to Improving GOP Leadership and Caucus

Dave Bossie
Scott Olson/Getty

Citizens United president Dave Bossie joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Friday to discuss what the GOP needs to do to pass tax reform and the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections.

Bossie said he’s often been involved with primarying incumbents over the years, saying, “I believe there are a lot of incumbents that need to be beaten. There’s a lot of incumbents that just need a fresh jolt of energy and fresh air, then will become better if the leadership around them becomes better.”

“There’s a combination,” he continued, “But I do think there are six to 110 Democrat Senators in states that President Trump won and didn’t win a little bit but won a lot. And I think if we can beat a combination of some of these incumbents – and I believe we should be fighting the Democrats, instead of every single one of the incumbents. We need to pick the ones we need to defeat and then we need to focus on the Democrats because our conference, our caucus in the Senate will be that much better.”

Bossie also said what Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon is doing is “bringing pressure and it is an incredibly, I think, smart move to bring pressure on these incumbents because now they have to vote better. Now they’re on notice that if you vote against tax reform, if you don’t embrace the conservative reform agenda that got President Trump elected … your time is going to be up. And I think that’s really the most important message that Steve is bringing to the table today.”

Bossie said it’s still up in the air whether “we win every race, or are even involved in every race.”

On tax reform, he said, “Our American economy needs tax reform,” said Bossie. “If we’re going to hire new people, build new plants and facilities if we’re going to create new jobs, this is the only way to do it if we’re going to create another generation of wealth in this country.”

Bossie also discussed the media’s visceral hatred for President Trump by the media, pointing out that’s why the President calls it fake news.

The Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF) which Bossie heads has backed a growing list of primary candidates for 2018.

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