Jill Vogel: Virginia’s Tuesday Election Has National Impact

In this Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 photo Republican candidate for Lt. Gov. Virginia State Sen. Jill Vogel participates in a debate with Democrat Justin Fairfax at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Va. Vogel is doing everything she can to differentiate herself from the rest of the Republican Party. Her …
AP Photo/Steve Helber

Virginia Sen. Jill Vogel — the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of the commonwealth — joined SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday, making the case that Virginia’s future hangs on whether the Republican ticket of Vogel, Ed Gillespie for governor, and John Adams for attorney general wins on November 7.

Boyle quoted Vogel’s recent speech at Liberty University in Virginia that Tuesday’s election is “beyond critical” because the candidates are “playing for all the marbles in Virginia.”

Analyses of the election in the Old Dominion show that Vogel is not overstating the situation. Gillespie offers a vision that is diametrically opposed to his Democratic opponent, Ralph Northam. The same stark contrast is found in the attorney general’s race between Adams and the Democratic incumbent, Mark Herring.

Vogel said to Boyle that the election in Virginia is in large part a referendum on President Trump’s agenda. She said that the commonwealth’s choice would be a reflection, for example, on “the president’s policies on support for tax reform and the right kind of health care changes.”

She also pulled no punches against her opponents, including not just her opponent for lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, but also Northam and Herring. “Virginians have been appalled by some of the messaging from the Democrats,” she asserted.

Vogel laid heavily into the extreme liberalism of her opponent, noting that he believed Obamacare did not go far enough, advocating a “full government takeover of health care” — wholesale socialized medicine like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wants.

The conversation then turned to the now-infamous ad by Northam supporters, portraying a Confederate-flag adorned pickup truck with a Gillespie bumper sticker murdering the children of immigrants and Muslims by smashing them into a fence. Surprisingly, Northam, Fairfax, and Herring all “refused to condemn the ad,” she declared.

For Vogel, all that describes the stakes for Tuesday’s elections in Virginia. “This will decide the future of Virginia for a generation,” said Vogel.

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