Chris McDaniel Hopes Gov. Bryant Won’t Cause Republican Bloodbath with McConnell Appointee

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Chris McDaniel, a candidate to replace retiring Sen. Thad Cochran, urged Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant during the weekend edition of Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM to prevent a Republican “bloodbath” and refrain from appointing a Mitch McConnell-approved candidate to the seat.

“We have a clear path to victory in a red, red state, but for intra-party feud or combat that they’re, I suppose, willing to bring to the table because of Mitch McConnell,” McDaniel told hosts Matthew Boyle and Amanda House. He expressed hope that Bryant would not appoint a replacement to Cochran before voters have a chance to make their own choice.

Boyle said he believes the best result would be if Republicans united behind McDaniel.

McDaniel reminded listeners that in 2014, Trump endorsed McDaniel over Cochran:

Boyle asked why McDaniel would be better than a McConnell-appointed candidate.

“Generally speaking, we have to find fighters to stand up and I’m a fighter. My record shows that,” McDaniel told the listening audience. “I don’t mind standing against McConnell. I don’t mind standing against the establishment in order to effectuate conservative reform.”

McDaniel called for removing the 60-vote threshold on Senate confirmations, repealing Obamacare, funding for the southern border wall, defunding Planned Parenthood, and defunding sanctuary cities.

Boyle asked McDaniel why the Washington, DC, swamp is afraid of him.

“Because when I campaigned as a Republican and I took a stand to fight for our platform, I really meant it,” said McDaniel, who then gave the example, “When I talk about lowering taxes, I’m gonna try and lower taxes.”

“I’m not going to be a yes man to Mitch McConnell,” he continued.

McDaniel criticized Congress for finding money to fund Planned Parenthood, but not a border wall. He added that they must fight against amnesty and not compromise on DACA.

On the record of Trump’s presidency thus far, McDaniel said he was doing a “remarkable” job. “When we see or sense the momentum shift our direction, that is not the time to delay. That’s the time to attack and that’s something that he’s done effectively. And it starts with just being an agent of change.”

He then recounted his past work with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, as well as the governor’s recent trip to Washington, DC, for the State of the Union. According to McDaniel, he met with McConnell while there and has since made clear that McDaniel will not be appointed to Cochran’s seat, a move that McDaniel said he is confident came from McConnell.

McDaniel warned that it looks like Bryant may appoint someone else, causing a potential Republican bloodbath that would benefit a Democrat in his race. He added that he still hopes the governor will “make the right decision,” suggesting that Bryant not make an appointment other than himself.

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