Exclusive — Michael Yon: Globalist-Driven Energy Crisis Has Put Europe on Brink of Freezing, Widespread Food Shortages

Igor Ploskin / Getty Images Plus
Igor Ploskin / Getty Images Plus

Michael Yon, a photojournalist specializing in war and a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, said on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow that the manufactured energy crisis in Europe will lead to famines and freezing across the continent.

The government-driven suppression of fossil fuels by “greenists” and “globalists,” Yon observed, inevitably drives up the costs of food due to inflation of nitrogen-based fertilizers and the logistical costs of transporting foodstuff commodities.

“We’re actually beyond the precipice at this point,” Yon stated. “We’re falling. It’s too late. There’s going to be famine, and the question is, ‘How big and how many people are going to get hit?'”

Fossil fuels cannot be replaced by alternatives marketed by the left as “green” and “renewable” sources of energy, Yon held.

He said, “Some people talk about energy as if everything’s interchangeable, as if solar panels and windmills and nuclear plants can replace natural gas, which [they] simply cannot.”

“Now, of the 26 major plants in Europe that produce nitrogen-based fertilizers, all of them are either closed down or almost closed down,” Yon added. “This will lead to famine. It’s just mathematics at this point.”

The sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline exacerbated an ongoing energy crisis that had already driven Germans and others Europeans to cut down trees for use as heating fuel in winter. 

“People are going to literally freeze to death in Germany,” Yon warned. “They’re going to freeze, and then they’re going to starve,” he said of Poland and other European countries.

Yon projected that government-driven suppression of fertilizer production, marketed as a measure to combat “climate change,” will further drive famines in Brazil and India due to globalization of relevant supply chains.

“Countries like Brazil and India, who are entirely dependent on European nitrogen-based fertilizers, they’re simply going to have famine,” he remarked. “There’s just no way out of it at this point.”

Yon has repeatedly cautioned of a growing “triangle of death” and “human osmotic pressure” causing mass migration driven by globalist machinations: pandemics, famines, and wars.

Pandemics, famines, and war “go together,” he emphasized. “You get one, you always get the other two. There is no exception. If you get a large war or a large famine or a large pandemic, you will always get the other two. No exception.”

Yon concluded by highlighting his editorial independence built upon audience and reader support, including a professional fundraising campaign hosted on GiveSendGo.

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