Exclusive — Ronny Jackson: Current Biden Doctor Basically Part of Biden Family Who’s ‘Not to Be Trusted’

Rod Lamkey/Pool via AP

The current White House doctor for President Joe Biden is “basically part of the Biden family” and is “not to be trusted,” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) — a former White House doctor for past presidents — said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

Jackson, who worked as a physician in the White House for former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, spoke about the language used in Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report — which highlighted Biden’s deteriorating mental fitness — describing it as very telling, as it served as validation from another source that Biden, 81, is mentally unwell.

However, while everyone can see the decline, Jackson made it clear that Biden’s current White House doctor cannot be trusted.

“I know this guy really well. He worked for me for eight years, and he is basically part of the Biden family,” Jackson explained “And it doesn’t matter what happens. He’s going to cover up anything that’s going on.”

“He’s not — he’s not to be trusted. So it’s unfortunate, but he’s not going to be the answer. He’s not going to give us any insight,” he said, explaining that the doctor has “not been honest with this.”

“You know, he’s done a couple of quote physicals where he’s released a — you know, a short written statement about how healthy Biden is,” Jackson said, contrasting that with his own experience reporting the health of past presidents.

“I had to do a full physical exam and stand up before the press for over an hour and defend every single aspect of that physical exam, from hostile reporters and hostile medical folks in the audience,” Jackson said. “And he hasn’t been subjected to that because this is this the Democrat president and this is Joe Biden. We’re not gonna get any answers there.”


Jackson also addressed any potential critics of Trump, who attempt to also describe him, 77, as too old and unfit.

“You watch him. You know, Biden is the one that’s been saying for a long time you want to know about my cognitive health, watch me. And we’re watching him, and we’re terrified. You do the same thing with President Trump. Watch him. This man can walk up, you know, completely unprompted and to have a whole gaggle of reporters and stand there and answer questions for them for hours — for hours with no note, no teleprompter, no preparation whatsoever and just be completely on — on topic and on target,” Jackson said.

“It’s not about, you know, how old you are,” he said, noting that there are some individuals who are 100 years old and “sharp as a tack.”

“And we know people that are in the early 60s and are already having cognitive issues. This is an issue with the cognitive stuff and you know, yes, it’s age-related. Because you know, you don’t normally say this when you’re 20 or something. But you know, it happens to some people when they’re in their 60s. It happens to some people, you know, when they’re [in their] 80s, and some people it never happens to, and Donald Trump is cognitively as sharp as as he was the day he became president last time,” Jackson said.

“And I know this. I’ve tested him cognitively. He did get a perfect score on his cognitive test, and anyone can talk to him. His memory is better than my memory. Here’s the kind of incredible memory and you know, you just say, there’s a world of difference between these two men. It’s not even — not even in the same league,” he added.

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