Milo On Breitbart News Daily: Islam Has ‘Contempt And Loathing’ For Gays

Photo/Patrick Kane
Photo/Patrick Kane

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on Breitbart News Daily today with executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon to discuss a number of topics, chief among them the shooting in Orlando earlier this week

“I take no pleasure whatsoever, I really don’t, in saying I told you so here” said Milo. “In November I was saying that mass Muslim immigration terrifies me and that I didn’t care to make much of a distinction between Islamism and Islam.”

“This is an Islamic culture problem, there is a structural problem with this religion that is preventing its followers from assimilating properly into Western culture. There is something profoundly antithetical to our values about this particular religion and the culture that surrounds it.”

“This, I’m afraid, is what happens when the left, with its hierarchy of victimhood, puts the wrong people at the top. The problem with making Muslims ‘victim number one’ is that they want to kill everybody else in the pyramid.”

“This is a religion and religious culture that has proven itself to have no respect for the rights of women, to have contempt and loathing for homosexuals, that is the case everywhere there is Islam, this is not terrorism this is mainstream Muslim society, 11 or 12 countries, whatever it is, where I could be killed for being homosexual, just for being who I am.”

“Over one hundred million people live in Muslim countries where it is illegal to be gay, 52% of British Muslims believe that gay sex should be against the law, this is not crazy wacky terrorist in Syria, this is in our own cities.”

“You can take your view on homosexuality if you’re a christian and have some problems with it, whatever, but there is a world of difference between a Christian baker that says y’know what I’d rather not cater a lesbian wedding and a Muslim who may or may not have tendencies himself that this religion, twisted into a sorted of self loathing murderousness, who then takes to a nightclub and kills 50 people and injures 50 more.”

“The left has to make a decision, does it want female emancipation, does it want gay rights, does it want equality for everyone, does it want all of the fruits of western capitalist democracy or does it want Islam.”

“I’ve noticed on Twitter these little floods of gay people who, in spite of themselves, they’re thinking of voting for Trump, this is what the left has done by systematically ignoring and abusing the minorities that it claims to represent, that it claims to look after, it is driving people into arms of someone like Donald Trump.”


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