How Donald Trump Made It Cool To Be Gay Again


Lucian Wintrich’s “Twinks for Trump” photographs of hot, skinny gay boys wearing Make America Great Again hats sent the progressive media into a tailspin during my Gays for Trump party last month.

Gays are no longer trapped under the thumb of the Democratic Party. And some of us are discovering how much fun it can be rubbing that in. That’s why I’m so amused by the Twinks for Trump movement,which has not only made topless men in MAGA hats cool, but also reflects a renaissance in gay culture driven by libertarianism, free speech fundamentalism and the joy and mischief of the online Trump movement. After all, we love subversion, and being a gay leftwinger— or even just being gay—is no longer rebellious. To really ruffle feathers these days, you have to be a republican

Like it or not, Donald Trump is bringing subversion, decadence and troublemaking back to gay life.

Many gay people are afraid of coming out as a Trump supporter, or a conservative, and some have even claimed it to be a harder feat than coming out as a homosexual. One poor queen even got beaten up for it. Because of this, there was an air of subversion and rebellion around the Gays for Trump event in Cleveland a few weeks ago, something gay people have sorely missed since mainstream politicians started joining us on pride parades, and pandering to our every hissy fit.

Thanks to his sublime Twinks for Trump photoshoot, Lucian lost 60 Facebook friends, faced numerous threats from fellow fags, and even received a temporary 72 hours suspension from Facebook. The media also treated him like some kind of gay Judas, expelled by the other disciples from the cool cock-sucking club for selling out homos in exchange for 30 feet of wall. As boring as gay culture now is, at least it’s still cliquish and catty.

Death and Taxes called the party “neofascist” and described Wintrich’s project as an attempt to “indoctrinate” the models’ “impressionable young minds”, and one Huffington Post contributor even wrote an open letter toWintrich, calling him “privileged” and a “bigot” for expressing contrary political views.

The dreary, married dad-fag in the Huffington Post is emblematic of what mainstream gay culture has become. Boring, suburban and domesticated. The gay version of 1950s housewives. Not that I have anything against 1950s housewives— but gays shouldn’t imitate them. Like the dull parents of the 1960s, older married gays are now trying to tell younger fags that fun is overrated, that we should be good little leftists and that we should conform.

No thanks.

With mainstream acceptance has come cultural castration. I bet some of these frustrated married homos wish they they could be on Grindr getting an 18 year old  sent to their door, just like they used to pick up fags in seedy underground bars in the 1980s. Is it all just jealousy at how much fun we’re having?

It will do them no good, of course. Every time a mainstream journalist condemns Twinks for Trump, or other forms of rightwing faggotry as “dangerous”, and wrong, it only makes younger gays more thrilled by the allure of the forbidden. Gays were meant to be those things. Why endure being a homosexual at all, if you can’t tumble out of a club on a Monday afternoon, off your tits and clinging to someone you met 45 minutes earlier?

The domestication of the homosexual has been a disaster for leftists: not only did the boring and stupid gays retreat into conservative institutions like marriage, but the fun and creative ones like me and Lucian are rebelling against the language policing and authoritarianism of the modern left and feeling ourselves drawn to the trollish chaos of the Republican frontrunner.

PayPal co-founder, entrepreneur, and libertarian Peter Thiel has also faced a barrage of hate ever since he endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying he was proud to be both gay and Republican. Thiel performed a speech at the Republican Nation Convention last month where he endorsed Trump, declaring “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all, I am proud to be an American.”

It generated a standing ovation from the crowd.

The speech created an eruption of applause, with Democrat RoKhanna even publicly praising Thiel afterwards, but the majority of progressives took advantage of the moment in order to try and further isolate the entrepreneur.

On the whole, I’m against waving one’s identity around like a flag. There’s nothing special or brave about being gay in the United States today (unless Obama gets his way and we have more Muslim immigration, of course). And, except in Muslim ghettos, I disagree with talking about one’s gayness as an object of pride.

And let’s not pretend that conservatives are wholly responsible for their bad reputation with gays. Part of the blame certainly falls with gays, because we willingly accepted Democrat victim-programming for so long. To this day, many in America still think the country is a terrible place for gays, ignoring the rest of the world. Part of the problem is that gays are terminally insecure and vain, and don’t fully understand that in America, it’s perfectly OK for people to not like each other.

Gays also bought into the idea that sexuality is the whole of their existence, believing that if they don’t hold pride prades every week and shove their gayness in the faces of peaceful, non-aggressive Christians everyone might forget they’re alive. (Gay pride was originally meant to challenge actual bigotry – that’s why I only approve of it if it’s done in Muslim ghettos).

But the Thiel moment was nonetheless important, because it finally demonstrated, once and for all, that liberals can no longer take gay support for granted. Gays are flocking to Daddy, to his new brand of conservatism, and there’s very little that liberals can do to stop it.

When you think about it, gays are natural Libertarians, perhaps even Republicans. Why would they need, or want to pay for, a state that mollycoddles women and which lies to and about men? Why— whisper it— would they ever identify as feminists, as the left demands with the threat of calling us “self-loathing” if we don’t comply?

Thiel was repeatedly attacked on Twitter with slurs such as “gay Uncle Tom”, and claims that the entrepreneur was now suddenly supporting an anti-LGBT party. Of course, the uncomfortable truth they don’t want to hear is that Donald Trump has a much stronger track record on gays than Hillary does. He was for gay marriage before Clinton, and never changed his mind. Unlike Clinton, he’s also going to protect gays from the real threat to their rights — Muslim terrorists, not Christian pizza parlour owners.

It’s no longer rebellious to bash Christianity. They’ve never really been as bomby or beheady as Islam. As one conservative friend told me, “Straights like me and my dad (who is frankly biased against gays) have made a pragmatic decision that they’d rather have Queers than Qurans and faggots instead of fakirs, especially since this new breed of gay doesn’t burst into tears over Christian bakeries.”

The new alliance between gays and conservatives, brought about in no small part by Daddy and me, is the most exciting thing to happen to gay culture since Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi. It’s subversive, it’s rebellious, and it’s dangerous. Everything a young faggot loves. Expect to see more of it.

It’s been a long time coming. But what made gays, who are already out of the closet, realize that the Democrat party is more unfashionable than the clearance section of an outlet mall?

Well, first of all, I believe that the gay community – male gays in particular – have a natural sense of fun, dissidence, and boundary-pushing that is increasingly at odds with the barren, politically correct world of liberalism. Once the opponents of stodgy family values, liberals and progressives today are putting burqas over racy magazines and foisting sex-killing “affirmative consent” laws onto the nation’s youth.

Then there’s political correctness, which rebels against our natural sense of intellectual inquiry. Gays haven’t just pushed social boundaries throughout history, they’ve also pushed intellectual ones. With a higher average IQ than the rest of the population, some of history’s greatest geniuses have been gay. Little wonder that that Thiel, a man known for his deep intellect and contributions to libertarian thinking, identified political correctness as the greatest problem facing America in 2011.

Once again, it used to be the religious right that was the chief obstacle to intellectual inquiry, with blasphemy laws and bans on stem-cell research. But now it’s liberals who want trigger warnings in every textbook and therapy sessions after they hear an offensive dangerous idea. They’re more intellectually stunted than the religious right ever were.

You see, when gays set aside their determination to force gay culture on everyone, they find they share a lot of common ground with Republicans and conservatives. The Christian baker who doesn’t want to bake you a cake is also the gun owner that would defend you from a terrorist, and the concealed carry trainer who will teach you to defend yourself against a threat at a gay nightclub.

Here is a little wake up call to those against the Christian baker turning away your custom — go ask for your gay wedding cake at a Muslim bakery, and then feign shock when the Democrats have no interest in helping you drag that small business through the courts.

When we aren’t trying to wind up quiet, god-fearing Christians, our willingness to offend places us squarely in dissident Conservative territory. Gays are the opposite of politically correct. As naturally smart and capable people, we flock to meritocracy. It should chafe gays worse than…. well, um, it’ll just chafe to be told promotions and other achievements should not go to them, not because of lack of ability, but because gays (and especially white gay men) are no longer at the top of the left’s victim hierarchy.

I think gays were once happy with this perverse system because they were the box checked off as a company’s extra-special diversity hire. Gays, like women, love to feel special. But those days are over.  If you aren’t a Muslim, you had better be anything besides a white gay man which is almost as bad as a (trigger warning) straight white male.

Those are the long-term reasons. But there’s a more immediate one: Daddy.

Donald Trump is the most pro-gay candidate in the history of the Republican party. I’ve said this many times. Most liberals, convinced that Trump embodies everything they’ve ever hated about conservatives, will laugh at this. They also have trouble believing that Andrew Breitbart was a pioneering voice for gays in the conservative movement.

It’s obvious why Trump would be a gay icon. He’s brassy, he’s outrageous and upsets all the right people. His taste in interiors is gaudy and exhibitionist. He looks like a heavy-handed caricature of a billionaire. Everything about him is at once hyper-masculine and faintly camp. He’s the drag queen you can vote for!
But here’s the really important thing. Increasingly, gays are connecting the dots and realizing that the occasional clownishness of Trump’s rallies translates into an existential threat to political correctness— and a lot of fun. And with the exception of RuPaul’s Drag Race, there hasn’t been a lot of guilt-free fun in the gay world for a while.

But gay marriage, like transgender bathrooms, is ultimately an unimportant issues. What should really worry liberals is what Trump spoke about during his speech.

Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. This time, the terrorist targeted our LGBT[Q] community. As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT[Q] citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. To protect us from terrorism, we need to focus on three things.

In a couple of sentences, Daddy exposed the weakness at the heart of the progressives purported championing of gay people. They don’t acknowledge the threat of Islam. Worse, they think that to draw attention out the daily horrors of Modern Islam makes you an Islamophobe.

It’s why the liberal media refuses to name the religion of terrorist attackers, or European rape-gangs. It’s why they scrambled to condemn the Second Amendment, instead of homophobic Islam, after the Orlando shootings.

Trump, ever ahead of the curve, realizes this. He knows that Islam, unlike Christian bakeries in flyover country, poses a real, existential threat to gay people. And he has the combination of natural toughness and a genuine pro-gay record to present himself as the natural protector of the gays. Singlehandedly, Trump is usurping liberalism’s decades-old grip on LGBT political loyalty.

Well, almost singlehandedly. Actually from what I read, Donald Trump doesn’t do anything singlehandedly, if you get my drift. And in this case, a certain Dangerous Faggot is helping as well.

You’re welcome!

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